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Bible Commentaries

Dummelow's Commentary on the Bible

Jeremiah 52

Verses 1-34

Historical Appendix (probably by the compiler of the book)

This chapter is substantially the same as Jeremiah 39 (see notes there), but adds particulars relating to the Temple vessels (Jeremiah 52:17.), while omitting Nebuchadnezzar’s charge as to Jeremiah’s safety (Jeremiah 39:11.). Both accounts are probably based on that of 2 Kings 24:18 to 2 Kings 25:30.

1-11. Capture of the city.

12-27. Subsequent severities.

28-30. Nebuchadnezzar’s deportations.

31-34. Concluding notice of Jehoiachin.

4. Nebuchadrezzar] see on Jeremiah 21:2.

6. Famine] described in detail in the ’Lamentations.’

7. Then the city was broken up] RV ’Then a breach was made in the city.’

9. Riblah] see on Jeremiah 39:5.

11. He put out the eyes] see on Jeremiah 39:7.

17f. See prefatory remarks.

18. Caldrons] RV ’pots,’ for carrying away ashes after sacrificing.

22. A chapiter] a capital.

24. Zephaniah] see on Jeremiah 21:1.

25. The principal scribe of the host] RV ’the scribe of the captain of the host.’

28-30. This passage seems to have been taken by the compiler from a separate document. For seventh we should probably read ’seventeenth,’ corresponding to Zedekiah’s tenth year, while the siege was going on. Thus this captivity would consist chiefly of people from the country parts. The next, i.e. Nebuchadnezzar’s eighteenth year, was that with which this chapter deals. Of the deportation of his three and twentieth year we have no other mention.

31. The seven and thirtieth year] 561 b.c. Evil-merodach] son of Nebuchadnezzar. Lifted up the head] released: cp. Genesis 40:13, Genesis 40:20.

32. The kings] captives kept at his court to commemorate his conquests.

33. He was admitted to the king’s table.

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