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Bible Commentaries

Dummelow's Commentary on the Bible

Jeremiah 26

Verses 1-24

Jeremiah’s Fifteenth Prophecy (Early in the Reign of Jehoiakim)

For Jeremiah 26:1-8 see intro. to Jeremiah 7-10. This chapter gives us a sketch of the difficulties and dangers under which Jeremiah had spoken the preceding prophecies.

1-6. The prophet warns the people.

6. Like Shiloh] see on Jeremiah 7:12. A curse] i.e. a subject of their cursing, as being contemptible.

8. A prophet speaking without God’s command was to be put to death (Deuteronomy 18:20). This was the charge against Jeremiah, and the alleged proof was that God could not permit such a calamity to fall on Jerusalem.

7-15. The charge against Jeremiah, and his defence.

10. The princes] apparently heads of prominent houses, who had taken up their quarters in Jerusalem.

16-24. The princes and people, not being prejudiced against Jeremiah, as were the prophets and priests, gave a fair decision.

17. The elders] for their action in criminal procedure cp. Deuteronomy 21:2. in civil, Ruth 4:2.

18. Micah] the minor prophet: see Micah 3:12. The king and the people listened to his warnings.

20-23. An instance of the illtreatment of a prophet. This part of the narrative was probably introduced later. It would have been dangerous for any of those present to have made such an attack upon the reigning king.

24. Ahikam] father of Gedaliah, who, when appointed governor by Nebuchadnezzar, stood the prophet’s friend (Jeremiah 39:14; Jeremiah 40:5).

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