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2 Kings 8

Dummelow's Commentary on the BibleDummelow on the Bible

Verses 1-29

Elisha and the Shunammite. Elisha and Hazael. Reigns of Jehoram and Ahaziah of Judah

1. Then spake Elisha] The occasion is not indicated, all the stories related of Elisha in this and the three preceding chapters being disconnected. A famine] Perhaps the same as that referred to in 2 Kings 4:38.

2. The land of the Philistines] This was a corn-growing district, near the still more productive country of Egypt.

3. To cry unto the king] Her property, being vacant during her absence, had seemingly passed to the crown: cp. 2 Kings 4:6.

7. To Damascus] It is possible that Elisha in thus visiting the Syrian capital was carrying out a commission of Elijah’s (1 Kings 19:15). For Ben-hadad see 2 Kings 6:24.

8. Hazael] one of Benhadad’s servants.

10. Say unto him] Elisha presumably meant that the disease from which Benhadad was suffering was not a fatal one, but that he would die by other means. Some suppose that Elisha spoke ironically (like Micaiah in 1 Kings 22:15).

11. Until he was ashameda] Hazel became discomposed under the prophet’s gaze, being conscious of a guilty purpose.

12. The evil, etc.] described in 2 Kings 10:32; 2 Kings 13:3, 2 Kings 13:22; Amos 1:3, Amos 1:4.

13. But what, etc.] RV ’but what is thy servant, which is but a dog,’ the expression ’a dog’ being a term of contempt (1 Samuel 17:43; 1 Samuel 24:14). Hazael meant that he could scarcely credit that so great a destiny was in store for one so humble as himself.

16. Jehoshaphat being then king of Judah] an accidental repetition of the words ’Jehoshaphat king of Judah,’ that follow.

18. He did evil.. Lord] This does not imply that he abandoned altogether the worship of the Lord, since he made offerings to the Temple (2 Kings 12:18).

19. A light] see 1 Kings 11:36; 1 Kings 15:4. In consequence of the divine promises made to David, Jehoram’s sins were not punished by the overthrow of his dynasty but by other means.

20. Edom revolted] in the reign of Jehoshaphat Edom had been subject to Judah and ruled by a viceroy (1 Kings 22:47). Its success in throwing off the yoke of Judah is alluded to in Genesis 27:40.

21. Zair] This place is only mentioned here, and the Vulgate reads Seir, another name for Edom. The people.. tents] The people referred to is the people of Judah.

Joram, when surrounded by the Edomites, cut his way through them and escaped, but his army was defeated and dispersed. The verse accounts for the successful revolt of Edom.

22. Yet] RV ’so’: see 2 Chronicles 21:10. Unto this day] The writer whose materials the author of Kings is here drawing upon must have lived before the destruction of the Judaean kingdom. Libnah] situated in the lowland. Its revolt was perhaps aided by the Philistines: cp. 2 Chronicles 21:16-17;

23. The rest.. Joram] see 2 Chronicles 21, which relates both the public and personal losses sustained by the king.

24. Ahaziah] in 2 Chronicles 21:17 called Jehoahaz.

26. Two and twenty] in 2 Chronicles 22:2; ’fortytwo.’ Daughter of Omri] strictly she was ’grand-daughter’ of Omri. The terms ’son’ and ’daughter’ were used not only of remote descendants but even of successors who were not blood-relations; e.g. Jehu in the Assyrian inscriptions is called ’the son of Omri.’

28. He went with Joram] Ramoth Gilead at this time was in the hands of Israel, but threatened by Syria (2 Kings 9:14).

29. Ramah] i.e. Ramoth Gilead.

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Dummelow, John. "Commentary on 2 Kings 8". "Dummelow's Commentary on the Bible". https://studylight.org/commentaries/eng/dcb/2-kings-8.html. 1909.
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