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2 Chronicles 5

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Verses 1-14

The removal of the Ark to the Temple

This chapter is a repetition of 1 Kings 8:1-9, with additional particulars respecting the descent of the glory of the Lord.

4. The Levites.. the ark] The mention of ’the Levites’ in this connexion is more in accordance with the requirements of the Law than the statement of 1 Kings 8:3 that the ’priests’ took up the ark.

9. From the ark] better (as in the LXX) ’from the Holy Place’: cp. 1 Kings 8:8. Unto this day] The Chronicler, like the compiler of Kings, retains the expression of the original writer, who lived before the destruction of the Temple.

11. Did not.. course] On this occasion all the priests (and not a single course only) had sanctified themselves to officiate.

12. At the east end] i.e. facing westward, towards the Temple building.

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