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2 Chronicles 29

Dummelow's Commentary on the BibleDummelow on the Bible

Verses 1-36

The Reign of Hezekiah

This chapter describes a cleansing of the Temple and a sacrifice for the sins of the people.

This and the following 2 Chronicles 30-32, cover the same period as 2 Kings 18-20, but, for the most part, have in view a different side of Hezekiah’s reign, Chronicles relating in great detail his religious reforms, whilst Kings is concerned mainly with the political events of the time.

3. Opened the doors] The Temple had been closed by Ahaz: 2 Chronicles 28:24.

4. The east street] RV ’the broad place on the east,’ perhaps one of the courts in front of the Temple: cp. Ezra 10:9 RV.

10. A covenant] The covenant between the nation and its God had been previously renewed in the time of Asa (2 Chronicles 15:12).

15. By the words of the lord] The king was moved by a divine impulse, perhaps communicated through a prophet: cp. 2 Chronicles 30:12.

16. The inner part of the house] i.e. from the courts into the interior of the building. The Holy Place is meant (not the Holy of Holies, which the Levites might not enter).

17. The sixteenth day] In the first period of 8 days the Temple itself was cleansed, in the second period the Temple court (where the altar of burnt offering was: 2 Chronicles 29:18).

21. Seven bullocks, etc.] It is possible that the bullocks, rams, and lambs constituted the burnt offerings mentioned in 2 Chronicles 29:27 (the victims for which are not otherwise named), and that the he-goats alone formed the sin offering (as 2 Chronicles 29:23 suggests). For the kingdom] i.e. for the king as distinguished from the people (Judah).

25. By his prophets] i.e. David’s arrangements, as described in 1 Chronicles 23:5; 1 Chronicles 25:1 were made under divine direction.

30. Of Asaph the seer] Twelve of the Psalms bear the name of Asaph.

31. Thank offerings] a form of peace offering (Leviticus 7:12), most of which was eaten by the worshipper. Burnt offerings] wholly consumed on the altar. Of a free heart] RV ’of a willing heart.’

34. Were more upright.. than the priests] Many of the priests had perhaps taken part in Ahaz’s impieties as Urijah the high priest had done: 2 Kings 16:16.

36. Prepared the people] The zeal of the people was so remarkable that it could only be attributed to divine influence: cp. 2 Chronicles 30:12.

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