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1 Samuel 27

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Verses 1-12

David flees to Gath, and obtains Ziklag from Achish

2. David’s position now as the captain of 600 men was quite different from what it was in 1 Samuel 21:10.

7. A full year and four months] The phrase probably means ’about four months,’ lit. ’days and four months.’

8 The Geshurites] were the inhabitants of a district in the S. of Philistia: see Joshua 13:2. They must not be confused with the Geshurites who lived E. of the Jordan. The tribes mentioned here were constant enemies of Israel whom David took the opportunity to exterminate.

9. Left] The tense of the verb denotes David’s habitual practice. He never left any one alive to tell the tale.

10. Made a road] RV ’made a raid.’ The south of the Jerahmeelites] Jerahmeel was one of the divisions of the tribe of Judah (1 Chronicles 2:9). The barren south was naturally named after the fertile lands on which it bordered: the’ south of Judah,’ ’of Jerahmeel,’ and so on. The deception was that Achish understood that David had smitten the Hebrew inhabitants of the lands bordering on the desert, whereas he had smitten the nomad tribes who dwelt in the actual desert.

11. To bring tidings to Gath] RV ’to bring them to Gath’ in order to sell them as slaves.’ So will he his manner] RV ’so hath been his manner all the while he hath dwelt.’

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