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Psalms 10

Bell's Commentary on the BibleBell's Commentary

Verses 1-18

  1. INTRO:
    1. I would like to see this Psalm through a unique window into another world, of those who I just visited in the Shan State of Burma.
    2. No punches are pulled here. As C.S. Lewis once said, “reading Psalm 10 is like throwing open the door of an oven that is set to 500 degrees – you immediately get hit full in the face with the heat of the psalmist’s fury.”
    3. Outline: Does God Hide? Does God Hear? Does God Help?
  2. BAD MAN!
    1. DOES GOD HIDE? (1-4)
    2. The whole psalm is about “the man of the earth”(last verse) & his vain thoughts & vicious ways.
      1. If we could X-Ray his mental & moral interior this is what we’d read.
      2. Since Cain & Abel we’ve had 2 types of men, carnal/spiritual; earthly/godly.
        1. The latter continually suffers from the former, & cry to God for help.
        2. From time to time God intervenes supernaturally, from time to time providentially, but again & again He does not intervene at all.
          1. Though whenever He permits the godly to be victimized, He gives them grace to bear it, & overrules it to their ultimate good.
    3. Why do you stand afar off? Why do you hide? Where are You? God why are you indifferent?
      1. The invisibility, silence, & seeming unconcern of God, create a sore problem for the innocent, & seem to give license to the gloating wicked-doer.
        1. The godly weep & the wicked laugh. (now)
        2. But as one said, “it is better to go weeping to heaven than laughing to hell.”
      2. The atheist answers, there is no God;
      3. The rationalist says, God is unable to act or doesn’t care;
      4. The legalist says this is punishment for personal sin.
      5. David answers in another Psalm, “He is a very present help in time of trouble.”
    4. I guess those who really love the Lord will find themselves in very difficult places.
      1. As Abraham did, & Moses, & David, & Jesus who ended up in the most difficult place of all...crucified on a Roman Cross!
    5. We have little control over the circumstances of life.
      1. We can’t control the weather or the economy, & we can’t control what other people say about or do to us.
      2. There is only one area we have control, we can rule the kingdom inside.
        1. The heart of every problem is the problem of the heart.
        2. Once we get to that throne room inside us & let God takeover, we don’t have to worry about others.
    6. (2) Pride - is the mother of all wrongs!
    7. (4) God is not in his thoughts - in Buddhism this is very true.
      1. It’s not about looking to a god but attaining Enlightenment or Nirvana (cessation/extinction of desires).
      2. Explain the Jetti triangle in Buddhism (all over the place).
    8. DOES GOD HEAR? (5-13)
    9. (5) Here we have a hint of an answer at this point, your judgments are far above out of his sight.
      1. ​​​​​​​The earthbound man is too engrossed at ground level to see what is hanging over him. Ex: Spear-fishin river shore in Belize; staring down, large snake on limb over hang.
    10. (8) What is birthed in pride(4); begets evil speech(7); & finally bears the fruit of cruel ways(8).
    11. (11) Such Arrogance.
    12. Do something God! (12,13)
    13. The call, the why, the cry.
    14. (12) Do not forget the humble - Humility isn’t thinking poorly of ourselves, it is not thinking of ourselves at all.
      1. Humility is admitting I can’t handle my problem by myself.
      2. God is going to handle it by working in me & through me & for me.
        1. He always starts with in me (before he works through me & for me).
    15. (13) 3 verses which expose the 3-root-errors in the earthly man’s thinking.
      1. (vs.4) God is not [he brags he’s an atheist, & lives like one];
      2. (vs.11) God has forgotten, He hides His face, He will never see [if he can’t convince himself there is no God, he persuades himself God is too distant to see him];
      3. (vs.13) God will not require it [if he can’t convince himself there is no God; or persuades himself God doesn’t see; he dares to believe that he can dodge God’s judgment (as he’s tricked men)].
    16. DOES GOD HELP? (14-18)
    17. Finally, some answers!
      1. He does see, hear, & will do something about it!
    18. How do we know this for sure?
      1. Because, God is everywhere. He has promised not to leave us nor forsake us.
      2. Faith says, “I’m going to trust God no matter what I see, no matter what I think, & no matter what I feel.”
    19. Yes, He Sees! (14,15)
    20. The form of the 4th may be hard to see, but He is there in the fire. Read Dan.3:25.
      1. You may not see His form, you may not hear His voice, you may not sense His nearness...but He is there deeply touched.
      2. Don’t rely on feeling, but on faith in His unswerving fidelity.
        1. And though we don’t see Him, let us talk to Him in whispers as though we could detect him.
    21. Yes, He Hears! (16,17)
    22. You have heard, You will cause Your ear to hear. Such assurance!
    23. Yes, He will Do Justice! (18)
    24. He will help them in the right way at the right time.
    25. It looks though the ungodly are winning the day, but the Lord will triumph in the end.
      1. The enemy will win some of the battles, but guaranteed they will lose the war.
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