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Micah 7

Bell's Commentary on the BibleBell's Commentary

Verses 1-20

  1. Kjjhkhkj (Chapter 7)
    1. ISRAEL’S CRIME! (1-7)
    2. (3) They were experts in evil.
    3. (5,6) No hope in man. Only hope in the Lord(7)
    4. (7) We can make the same 3 decisions as Micah did: I will look; I will wait; & I will pray.
    5. ​​​​​​​ISRAEL’S COMFORT! (8-13)
    6. (8) God lifts up those who fall; gives light to those who are in darkness.
    7. (9) Until He pleads my case - At salvation the Lord changes from being the Prosecuting Attorney against you, to being your Defense Attorney!
    8. (10-13) One day the Lord will also defeat all of our enemies also.
    9. ISRAEL’S CLEMENCY! (14-20)
      1. Clemency - A disposition to show mercy, especially toward an offender or enemy!
    10. (18,19) If I was holding a woman’s diamond necklace & we looked at it link by link starting at the top…what do we find hanging at the very bottom?...here we have the diamond!
    11. Who is a God like you? – Play on words, Micah’s name(consonants).
    12. He delights in mercy - Q: What do you delight in?
      1. Causes are best discovered in their effects. (i.e. a tree is known by its fruits) - I believe we can best understand “who God is” by “what God does”!
    13. When we come to Him & confess our sins, he pardons us(Tolath worm), puts our sins underfoot(like defeated enemies), & hurls them into the depths of the sea…& they are seen no more.
      1. Show how subduction works. Microsoft Encarta 98 Encyc.
      2. The deepest place on earth(Deepest seafloor depression) is the Mariana Trench(36,198’)in the Pacific Ocean. South & East of Guam(largest of the Mariana Islands).
      3. Things fallen to the bottom of the oceans floor are carried into the crust of the earth(the asthenosphere) This is called subduction. Subduction is when an ocean plate moves under a continental plate.
        1. This occurs when magma(molten rock) in the asthenosphere, is heated by the mantel below & needs to release somewhere because of its high temperatures. It often blows in the form of a volcano. When this takes place the asthenosphere is cooled off by pulling in cold water at the trench.
      4. He will remember your sins no more!
    14. You will cast - Tashleek
      1. Charles Feinberg declared, “Once a year on the afternoon of New Year the orthodox Jew goes to a running stream or river & symbolically empties his pockets of his sins into the water, while he recites vs.18-20. The service is called Tashleek after the Hebrew words ‘you will cast’.”
      2. (It is well w/my Soul – 3rd stanza) “My sin – oh the bliss of that glorious thought – my sin – not in part but the whole, Is nailed to the cross, & I bear it no more, Praise the Lord, Praise the Lord, oh my soul!” (H.G.Spafford)
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