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Micah 1

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Verses 1-16

  1. Intro:
    1. Quote pg.13,14 Tommy Tenney’s book “You are a God Chaser if…”.
      1. Catching God!
      2. Let’s pray:
    2. Layout of Book: Ch.1,2 Sins; Ch.3-5 Punishment; Ch.6,7 Hope!
      1. Note: “hear, hear now, hear now”.
    3. Contemporaries: Hosea(North) & Isaiah w/him in the(South).
      1. Micah mostly the South but also addresses the No.
    4. Background: Judgment falling on the Northern kingdom in about 20 years. Another 130 yrs. judgment on the South. (740-687bc)
    5. Key Verse: We are to be set apart from the world, but not in the sense of being withdrawn but of being consecrated.
      1. We are to live out our faith in all aspects of life.
      2. Now read vs.6:8. – What does God require of me?
      3. Micah emphasizes an important relationship between spirituality & social ethics(principles or standards of human conduct).
        1. “Israel & Judah missed that relationship. They traded beauty for ashes, but Micah was determined to turn them around.” (Chuck Swindoll; pg.50)
  2. The Lord on the Witness Stand! (ch.1:1-16)
    1. ​​​​​​​A Woeful Witness against them! (1-7)
    2. (1) Micah = Who is like the Lord? [7:18 play on the consonants in his own name]
    3. (2,3) Story – Growing up I remember after many warnings, dad would get off his black leather throne(recliner) & you’d hear the sound of the beltwhistling though the loops. Like the sound of a mighty rushing wind!
    4. (3-7) The Nations idolatry was but harlotry against the Lord, & unfaithfulness must be judged!
      1. The Lord desires a wife not a prostitute!
      2. In Tommy Tenney’s book “You are a God Chaser if…” (I quote) “if your concept of “church” means low commitment, high anointing, the feeling of being blessed, & receiving the “spiritual gifts” like a “gold-digger,” then all you’ve ever wanted to do is “date” God. However, the last time I checked, He was still looking for a bride, not a girlfriend; one who is willing to put on the ring of commitment.”
    5. Micah Mourning for Israel & Judah! (8-16)
    6. (8,9) Notice he didn’t say, “you are getting what you deserve!” Instead, he mourned like a man at a funeral.
      1. Q: Does the certainty of coming judgment cause us to mourn over lost sinners & seek to win them to Christ?
    7. (10-16) Here we have clever word play to get his point across.
      1. Hebrew Poetry = not rhyme, but often contrasting ideas!
      2. Little Orphan Annie once had a ballet teacher named Anya Toze.
      3. The gossip columnist for Brenda’s Starr’s Newspaper is given the name of Gabby Van Slander. (Jim Townsend in The Minor Prophets; pg.48)
      4. Micah makes similar name plays on town names.
        1. This passage gives us the longest sustained play upon words found in the O.T.
      5. James Moffat’s literary bible translation captures it this way:
        1. “Weep tears at Teartown

          Grovel in the dust at Dustown
          Fare forth stripped, O Fairtown
          Stirtown…dare not stir…

          To horse & driveaway, O horsetown…!
          Israel’s kings are balked…at Balktown.”
          (James Moffat; quoted from Jim Townsend in The Minor Prophets; pg.48.)
        2. The Warning could be heard today:
          Los Angeles, you city of lost Angels;

          Philadelphia, city of brotherly hate;
          New York
          , a Big Apple w/a rotten core;

          – Windy City – full of hot air.
          Cincinnati - sin,sin city!
          (adapted from Jim Townsend pg.48)
    8. ​​​​​​​(15,16) God’s Ultimatum: “I will come” (15) – “They will go!” (16)
      1. (16) Written in the feminine gender.
      2. 1 cor.11:15 “if a woman has long hair, it is her glory? For long hair is given to her as a covering.”
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