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Jeremiah 41

Bell's Commentary on the BibleBell's Commentary

Verses 1-18

    1. Vs.1-3 - Ishmael – He was a cunning, ruthless man, who’d stop at nothing to get his way!
      1. We already met him in 40:8 as one of the leaders who rallied his troops to come back to the land, & to Gedaliah.
      2. He was from the Royal family(1) (he was a descendant of David!)
        1. This is why he was probably vieing for power!
        2. Though from this great lineage, he was much the opposite of his ancestor David. “Who wouldn’t wade through blood to get to the throne, but awaited God’s timing!”
      3. He probably didn’t want to see the Jewish people submit to Neb.
        1. He was a Patriot – Yet used his patriotism for his own selfish purposes.
      4. He breached he hospitality of the Near East! – a meal meant “they’re pledging their friendship &loyalty to one another!”
        1. Ishmael used this meal as a trap to catch his prey!
      5. Gedaliah only had 2 months to reign.
        1. “The anniversary of his treacherous murder is observed as one of the 4 Jewish feasts (Zech.8:19)”, says Lockyer?
    2. Vs.4-10 – From a breach of Hospitality to bunch of Hypocrisy!
      1. Vs.5 – 80 Jewish pilgrims who came to worship at what’s left of the temple. {like the Wailing Wall of our day!}
        1. Cut themselves – a heathen practice, forbidden in Lev., but they were from Samaria.
      2. Vs.6 Hypocrisy – In that he weeps(like he’s joining them in mourning) before the 80 pilgrims who came to worship hen kills 70 of them.
        1. He only saves the 10 for there food they have hidden.
      3. Vs.10 – His crimes climax by kidnapping the helpless remnant & starting for the land of Amon.
        1. Here Johanan comes to the rescue & delivered the remnant (Ishmael escapes)
    3. All of this could have been avoided if Gedaliah headed the counsel & acted more with caution.
    1. ​​​​​​​Vs.11-16 – Johanan showed courage in rescuing the remnant.
      1. Johanan was as brave as Noah… “who of course sailed in a wooden boat with two termites!”
      2. Though he showed “goose-bump courage” in the rescue; he also showed lack of faith once he was in charge, by taking the remnant to Egypt! (17,18)
      3. How easy to go astray by not listening to God’s word!
      4. Don’t act on impulse! Stop – Think – Ask God for guidance!!!
      5. They do have 2nd thoughts in the next chapter, & finally think to ask Jeremiah (whom they drag w/them) to ask God “what He thinks about Egypt!”
    2. ​​​​​​​Communion: 41:1 – “They ate bread together”
      1. I said earlier, “a meal meant “they’re pledging their friendship & loyalty to the one whom they were eating with!”
      2. The communion table is only for those in Friendship & Loyalty to Christ!
        1. 1st Q: Are you a friend of God’s?
          1. ​​​​​​​"Abraham believed God, and it was accounted to him for righteousness." And he was called the friend of God.” (James 2:23)
          2. (James 4:4) “Do you not know that friendship with the world is enmity with God? Whoever therefore wants to be a friend of the world makes himself an enemy of God.”
          3. Friend or enemy? - Repent & Believe!
        2. 2nd Q: Friends, are there any holes in your “table cloth of loyalty”?:
          1. Let’s confess them to the master of the feast, so our relationship will be sewn!
          2. Check for holes as they pass out the bread – we’ll partake together.
        3. Juice – Lets thank Him for the opportunity to feast at his banqueting table!
          1. 2 Sam 9:11 We like Mephibosheth, shall, " eat at His table like one of the king's sons."
          2. Thanks Lord for that position!
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