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Bell's Commentary on the Bible

Jeremiah 32

Verses 1-44

  1. Intro:
    1. I’ll sell you some “Swamp land” in Israel? (said the Muslims to Jews)
      1. The Jews bought up the land in the early 50’s in northern Israel.
      2. Planted Eucalyptuses, they sucked up all the water, then cut them down & sold the wood.
    2. Here’s a “real-Deal” for Jeremiah!
    1. The Setting!
      1. The Date 587bc – Babylon has returned, they surrounded Jerusalem, Jeremiah resists for about 2 yrs., It was during this besieging that we find Jer. in prison inside.
    2. More prison ministry! (2)
      1. This prison term might have kept him out of harms way.
      2. They can imprison God’s workers, but not God’s work, or Word.
      3. Paul said in 2 Tim. 2:9 “I suffer trouble as an evildoer, even to the point of chains; but the word of God is not chained.”
    3. Listen for God even in prison! (vs.6,7)
      1. Often times God comes through in the dark.
    1. Here’s the deal from Cousin Hanamel!
      1. I call it the “Happymeal deal”!
      2. It’s in “Anathoth” (back in Jer.’s hood/home town) {3m N.of Jerusalem}
        2. It is already Babylon Occupied Territory!
          1. What a dumb deal…in the world’s eye’s!!!
          2. Q: Why purchase something you’ll never benefit from?
      3. Hanamel was probably proclaimed as Real Estates “Man of the year”! I’m sure he received “The most shrew business man award”., This business deal surely gave evidence of his unbelief.
    2. “Then I knew this was the word from the Lord” (8c)
      1. “Recognize the hidden hand of God in what befalls you, from whatever person, place, or situation in which it might arise.”
    3. Jeremiah was called to put his $ where his mouth was.
      1. Jeremiah, do you believe what you preach?
      2. We can’t just Preach, but must Practice, & sometimes even Prove our trust in Him!
        1. James said, “Faith w/o works is dead as a doornail”! (2:26)
        2. Noah put his pride on the line & built a boat in the middle of the desert, because the…well because the sky was going to be falling!(rain)
        3. Abraham put his son on the line to prove he loved God.
        4. Here Jeremiah puts his shekels on the line to prove he believed Gods promises, despite the enemy beating at their gates.
    4. We must be like Jeremiah & obey God despite what we see, what we feel, & what may happen!
    5. Vs.9-14 – Why all the detail in the legal transaction?
      1. To show those who were watching he believed what he was preaching.
      2. We see it: Signed, Sealed, Witnessed, Weighed(shekels)(10); Notarized(12c); then Secured(14).
      3. The earliest copies of the O.T. were found this very way also.
        1. The document was rolled, circled with string, & then “tied” w/wax.
    6. Vs.12 - Meet Baruch!
      1. He served as Jeremiah’s secretary(scribe) during his later years. We’ll see him again later.
    7. Q: Why purchase something you’ll never benefit from?
      1. Vs.15 – Future investments!
    8. Liken this unto Mt.13:44 The Parable of the Hidden Treasure!
      1. Jesus Purchased the field for the treasure(us).
      2. Jeremiah purchased the field for the treasure of the promise of “occupation in the future”.
    1. ​​​​​​​Now we get a taste of what Jeremiah himself feels about this whole deal(w/his $) {key, in “yet” in vs.25}
    2. Vs.16 - 1st we see obedience(“he delivered”!), Then he prayed & asked “why?”
    3. vs.17 – His Prayer! {Jeremiah teach us to pray}
      1. [1] Worship (17-19)
        1. True prayer begins w/Worship, adoration, attributes.
        2. Name the attributes? Creator, All powerful, Everywhere present, Awesomeness(17); Lovingkindness, Justice, Greatness, Almighty, Lord ofHosts(18); Great Counselor, All knowing(19). our great problems are, our great God is always greater than our problems!
      2. [2] Remembrance! (20-22)
        1. Rehearse what God has done for you in the past.
      3. [3] Honest with Sin! (23)
      4. [4] Then, the Problem! (24,25)
        1. He concludes with his difficult situation w/God, & turns it over to him.
    4. Vs.17 – “Nothing too hard for you!” – Amen!
      1. He opens his prayer with this, God will open his reply with it also!
      2. Q: Is there ANY situation you’re in right now that you would like to soak in this verse tonight?
        1. What a great reminder to us as we start our prayers! It mentally prepares us for who we are speaking to, who we are asking petitions of, we can rest in knowing He can easily “do it” if He so chooses!
    5. Maybe Jeremiah thought God was going to show last minute Mercy toward them as he once did w/Jonah??? {W/this land deal}
    6. Key verse(25) – “Ask Why after Obeying!”
      1. Obedience proceeds Illumination!
      2. “Faith sees things not as they are but as they will be!”
  5. GOD RESPONDS! (26-35)
    1. ​​​​​​​Vs.27 - Yep, you’re right! There is nothing too hard for me!!!
      1. Oh, praise you Lord. - I just want to fall & worship when I hear this!
      2. “No matter how dark your today, tomorrow’s prospects are unspeakably bright!” (Kidner)
    2. Vs.28-35 - God answers!
      1. No! no miracle here to escape the facts!
      2. YET! He gives the great reversal! The promises of ch.31 in the next verses…36-44.
  6. A REMNANTS RETURN! (36-44)
    1. ​​​​​​​Vs.41 – “I will rejoice over them”
      1. Q: Does it say anywhere He rejoices over angels? Cherubim? seraphim? The 4 creatures around his own throne?
    2. No, just over us! Us poor fallen creatures, saved & exhalted by His Grace!
    3. Is.62:5 “And as the bridegroom rejoices over the bride, So shall your God rejoice over you.”
      1. ​​​​​​​Zeph.3:17 “The LORD your God in your midst, The Mighty One, will save; He will rejoice over you with gladness, He will quiet you with His love, He will rejoice over you with singing."
      2. End: The world laughs at us for our investment in the future. But one day God will keep His promises & vindicate us before man & angels.
        1. “Instead of seeking the sinful pleasures of this world, we seek the joys of the world to come!”
        2. We refuse to sacrifice the eternal for the temporal!
  7. Communion!
    1. ​​​​​​​The Bread we break! (1 Cor.10:16)
      1. The feast is for the redeemed! (those bought back)
      2. This bread speaks of “oneness /unity”(vs.17)
        1. Jn.13:35 "By this all will know that you are My disciples, if you have love for one another."
        2. Disunity had to be dismissed at the 1st Lord’s supper!
    2. The Cup of blessing!
      1. ​​​​​​​A joyful supper where the Lord says, “Let us eat & be merry.”
        1. Sadness can not eat(David); only a joyful heart enjoys food.
        2. If the Lord went singing into Gethsemane, may we follow Him into every conflict we will face with thanksgiving & joy.
    3. A thanksgiving banquet at which we dine.
      1. Let us be thankful for what we receive from Him.
        1. Thankful for Victories over vices; Thankful for Triumphs over temptations; Thankful for Success over sin, through Jesus Christ!
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