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Bible Commentaries

Bell's Commentary on the Bible

Ezra 2

Verses 1-70

  1. THE PEOPLE (ch.2)
    1. Those who returned (1-63)
    2. The 1st in the list is appropriately…Zerubbabel.
    3. Note break down: Leaders (2); Families (3-19); Towns (20-35); Priests (36-39); Levites (40-42); Nethinim, Temple Helpers (43-54); Solomon’s Servants (55-58); and Those who couldn’t identify their genealogy (59-63) [I like that this group is even a genealogy].
    4. What is the importance of this list? - The Lord knows His people personally.
      1. The common people were important to this rebuilding. [They actually contributed more then the heads of the fathers houses & the governor] (Neh.7:70-72)
      2. This list was also for Israel’s Racial Purity (pre-Messiah).
    5. The Total of Returnees (64-70) Nearly 50,000 devoted pilgrims returned (49,897)
    6. What does God’s protection of His people during captivity & after their release tell you about His commitment to maintain a relationship w/His people, w/us?
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