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Ezra 10

Bell's Commentary on the BibleBell's Commentary

Verses 1-44

    1. Step #6 – He Listens (1-4)
      1. Shechaniah admits their sin (2a). Shechaniah means,dweller in Jehovah or Inhabited of the Lord. One of the Lord’s people w/whom He is pleased to dwell.
        1. (similar to) SheKIniah (Chaldee word meaning resting place) – Not found in the bible, but Jews used this term later to describe, the visible majesty of the divine presence.
      2. Shechaniah gives hope in spite of their sin. (2b)
        1. When things look dark, there is always a ray of hope.
        2. Every night in our sky is Gods reminder of that great truth. (stars)
      3. Shechaniah challenges them to covenant with God. (3)
      4. Shechaniah challenges them to face their responsibility. (4)
        1. Shech was an honest man, a man of hope, an encourager, a man who loved the law.
  2. PUBLIC OATH (10:5-17)
    1. Step #7 – He makes a Proclamation (5-9)
    2. Step #8 – He calls them to public repentance (10-12)
    3. Step #9 – He questions them (13-17)
      1. December 20, 457bc – cold & heavy rain season (13)
      2. Let’s deal with the leaders 1st…then they can help.
      3. Not everyone agreed to obey (15)
        1. The bibles so honest (no Cinderella story)
      4. No hearsay, 1 on 1 investigation. (16,17)
        1. It took them from December to April to do this. All marriages were annulled.
        2. 17 priests, 10 Levites, 87 other men were found guilty of marrying heathen wives.
        3. When the spiritual leaders are backslidden what can we expect of the rest of the people?
    4. Spiritual building is just like the physical building projects…they take time,…they are a process.
      1. We actually won’t be “complete” until we reach heaven.
      2. Meanwhile people are watching your spiritual building going up.
  3. THEIR SIN PUT AWAY (10:18-44)
    1. Step #10 – Follow Up (18-44)
      1. Those who did confess their sins publicly, offered a sacrifice, & put away their pagan wives & children.
        1. This experience was painful for them.
        2. It was the only way to keep the nation pure. [“cut it off”…“pluck it out”…“cast it far from you”]
        3. There is no easy way to deal with sin…just shake it into the fire.
      2. Is there any sin you need to eradicate?
      3. Do you know how to exterminate it?
      4. Do you need accountability to make sure you will follow through w/it?
      5. When will you deal with it?
    2. How’d you like your name on this list?
      1. I thought He’d remember our sin no more?
      2. This was a consequence here…but no list there.
    3. End - Only one thing left…Zerubbabel rebuilt the Temple, Ezra rebuilt the People, now it is time to rebuilt the Wall.
      1. The Lord chooses for his contractor, a Jew serving in the court of Artaxerxes. His name…Nehemiah.
      2. He will lead the 3rd Holy Land trip. [Departure: Babylon. Destination: Jerusalem. Purpose of trip: Construction work-party on the wall around Jerusalem]
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