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Bible Commentaries

Bell's Commentary on the Bible

Ezekiel 5

Verses 1-17

  1. [4] EZEKIEL’S HAIRCUT! (5:1-17)
    1. The Results of the Siege!
    2. The Symbol! (1-4)
    3. He is to shave both his head & beard & is to place the hair into 3 equal parts.
      1. Baldness may be in style today, but this’d be a real sacrifice for a Jew
      2. It spoke of mourning, or shame, humiliation, disgrace. It symbolized Israel’s broken covenant w/the Lord.
      3. 1st part burned;
        nd part struck w/the sword;
        3rd part scattered by wind;
        small portion
        hidden in his fold of robe.
    4. The Significance! (5-17)
    5. Vs.12 interprets: This is to predict that 1/3 of Jerusalem’s people will soon die by petilence/famine; another 3rd die by the sword(invasion); & the final 3rd will be scattered as they fled the devastated city.
      1. Few strands, remnant that would be saved.
    6. Q: Why was God angry with his people?
      1. Because they rebelled against His law(6);
      2. Because they defiled His temple(11);
      3. Because they did more abominations than the heathen nations around them(5,6).
      4. Because they did not glorify the Lord but used all His blessings to promote their sin.
    7. Knowledge brings responsibility!
      1. To whom much is given, much will be demanded.
      2. Q: What are we doing with the knowledge we have of the Word of God? [Very important to me this few years]
      3. Q: Are we responding to it? [If you are great, don’t always think you’re not!]
      4. Q: Is it shaping our lives in godliness? (Shepherd’s Notes; pg.13.)
    8. Some Christians are less “Christian” in their lives than many who reject or ignore Christ. In the light of these verses what may we infer to be God’s attitude to this sad fact?
    9. 390 years is a long time to continue in sin!
      1. We can only marvel at the long-suffering of the Lord!
      2. Q: As you look back on your life, has the Lord been Long-suffering in your life?
    10. End: Remember the Greeks race. The winner was not the runner who finished 1st.
      It was the runner who finished with his torch still lit.
      1. Let’s run all the way, with the flame of our torch still lit for Him.
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