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Ezekiel 3

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Verses 1-27

    1. (3:2) God fed him the scroll. – Eat & it becomes part of you.
    2. (3) It was sweet, even though a message of judgment, it was just & appropriate.
      1. Q: If you were on a jury, & had a boat load of evidence against a serial murderer, would it be difficult to read the guilty verdict?
    3. They would be stubborn & rebellious, yet he was to be strong & courageous.
    1. TO THE NATION ISRAEL! (4-11)
    3. Even the greatest of prophets got weak knees!
    4. Like adamant(unbreakable) stone, harder than flint
      1. Is.50:7 “For the Lord GOD will help Me; Therefore I will not be disgraced; Therefore I have set My face like a flint, And I know that I will not be ashamed.”
      2. Luke 9:51,52 “Now it came to pass, when the time had come for Him to be received up, that He steadfastly set His face to go to Jerusalem, and sent messengers before His face.”
    5. God needed a stubborn prophet for a stubborn people.
      1. Stubborn, meaning persistent in conveying the message to the depraved nation.
      2. Like a knife blade being tempered (hot/cold, hot/cold, the metal is “toughened” by tempering)
        1. A blacksmith would often sing a familiar song so as to gauge the time he would heat what he was working on.
      3. “God’s eye is on the thermometer, & his hand on the thermostat!”
    6. REFLECTION! (10,11)
    7. Before delivering the message, allow it to sink down deep in your own heart!
      1. ​​​​​​​Own the seriousness/gravity/weightiness of the message 1st.
    8. TO THE EXILES IN BABYLON! (12-15)
    9. Maybe what this means is that he is assuming the attitude of God, i.e. being embittered & angry in his spirit.
      1. Q: If God was mad at them, should His prophet have a smile?
      2. He felt the same emotions toward Israel’s sin, as God did.
    10. I sat where they sat – he walked a mile in their moccasins.
      1. He sat with them, & identified with their pain!
    11. A WATCHMAN! (16-21)
    12. Ezekiel assumes the role of spiritual watchman.
    13. A watchman’s responsibility was to stand on the protective wall surrounding the city & watch for possible invaders.
      1. The physical welfare of the people was in his hands.
      2. If he saw an invading army, he sounded the trumpet, warning the people of an impending invasion.
      3. If he failed, he forfeited his life. (Shepherds Notes; pg.10)
    14. It is a serious thing to be a watchman, for the destiny of precious souls is at stake!
      1. A watchman must be alert to every situation, & must not be afraid to sound the alarm.
      2. Have you ever went past a speed trap & then after flashed your head lights to warn other motorist to slow down don’t so they get a ticket?
    15. False watchmen are not faithful, & will have much to answer for at the judgment.
      1. Paul was a faithful watchman who was able to say, “I am innocent of the blood of all men. For I have not shunned to declare to you the whole counsel of God.” Acts 20:26-27
    16. His blood required at your hand – meant the prophet would forfeit his life.
    17. Four scenarios: (17-21)
      1. [1] Prophet doesn’t warn; wicked doesn’t repent; sinner dies + prophet dies.
      2. [2] Prophet warns; sinner doesn’t repent; sinner dies + prophet lives.
      3. [3] Prophet doesn’t warn; backslidden righteous person doesn’t repent; backslider dies + prophet dies.
      4. [4] Prophet warns; sinner repents; sinner lives + prophet lives.
    18. Little did he know the price he would have to pay to be a watchman, but he was faithful!
    19. Q: Who has God made us spiritual watchmen over?
      1. Your family, your wife, your kids, your Sunday School classroom, a ministry, your neighbor, all the lost in the world that you come in contact with?
    20. Q: Aren’t we responsible at all if we don’t share the gospel with others?
      1. Q: Is there any blood on us?
      2. Paul was sure thinking about it above!
    21. IN HIS HOUSE! (22-27)
    22. The Lord empowered Ezekiel (22)
      1. 1st be empowered by the Lord.
    23. The Lord revealed His glory to Ezekiel (23)
      1. 2nd allow yourself to be awestruck by the awesomeness of God.
    24. The Spirit entered Ezekiel (24)
      1. 3rd be centered on the Holy Spirit.
    25. The Lord restricted Ezekiel (25,26)
      1. Likely a figure of speech.
      2. A prophets solitude & silence were signs to the people that God was angry with them for rejecting His Word.
      3. He is imprisoned in his own house, where God temporarily causes him to be unable to speak.
      4. 4th be ready for spiritual left turns.
    26. The Lord prohibited him from speaking unless He gave Ezekiel a message (27)
      1. 5th wait, wait, & again I say wait!
      2. 2 Sam.18:22 Joab says to Ahimaaz “Why will you run,…since you have no news ready?”
    27. Ezekiel was filled w/the Spirit. He listened to the Word of God. He fed on the Word of God, which gave him what he needed to speak God’s Word.
    28. Ezekiel knew that he had been called at a difficult time, to a difficult work, with a difficult people, & yet he obeyed the Lord.
    29. The Lord has given you a place on the wall to stand on.
      1. Q: Are you still standing there today?
        Q: Have you continued to blow the trumpet though it may cost you position, friendships, or status?
        Q: Do people know where U stand?
        Q: Have you warned anyone lately?
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