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Ezekiel 16

Bell's Commentary on the BibleBell's Commentary

Verses 1-63

  1. Intro:
    1. News Articles on babies found alive:
    2. Baby found on side of road, mother found dead
      1. Nov 29, 2006 - A disturbing discovery was made in the Rio Grande Valley Tuesday. The body of 16-year-old Aida Mae Rodriguez was found burned, south of Donna Tuesday morning. And about 20 miles away, her 7-month-old baby daughter, Briggette Mae, was found unclothed on her stomach, beside a road north of Weslaco. The baby was unharmed.
    3. Thursday, May 18, 2006
      1. Premature baby survives in a dumpster overnight still attached to placenta...Todd Ferring climbed into the trash bin behind El Maguey Mexican restaurant in the 1100 block of Duchesne near West Clay in St. Charles, Missouri. He reached down and pulled up the tiny baby, the placenta and umbilical cord still attached. He assumed the girl was stillborn as he gave her to fellow emergency medical technician Matt Schafer. That's when the men saw her take a breath, then utter a faint cry.
    4. Dec 22, 2007 3:00 pm US/Eastern
      1. Baby Found In Queens Dumpster Has New Family Officials say a newborn baby found abandoned in Queens is recovering from being left out in the cold and will be in foster care by Christmas. The baby girl was only a few hours old on Monday when two teenage skateboarders heard her cries and discovered her on top of a garbage bin. She was wrapped in a blanket and a paper bag and still had her umbilical cord attached.
    5. A new born infant found abandoned in a vacant field just off Interstate 45, in Jefferson County.
      1. The child was left on a pile of garbage partially covered with a plastic bag containing the afterbirth. “The new born infant was found by Mr. Jesu Rodriguez, a temporarily unemployed carpenter who was walking along the Interstate collecting scrap metal and aluminum cans. Mr. Rodriquez said that he was attracted to the garbage pile by the child’s cries and found the new born infant still covered with blood, struggling to live. According to Mr. Rodriquez he picked up the small infant and quickly carried the child to County Memorial Hospital in his aging Ford pickup truck. “Mr. Rodriguez reportedly told hospital workers, “I was so scared. I just drove to the hospital as fast as I could. I kept saying over and over, PLEASE DON’T DIE. LIVE!”
    6. Discarded babies! – Unloved by one, love by another!
      1. Q: What does the child feel like that grows up knowing that mom & dad didn’t want him/her? (Feels they were an accident)
      2. Q: What does the parent feel like that deals with the wayward child over & over again? (knowing they did what they could, love, discipline, etc)
      3. Q: What does it feel like to God when we are disobedient, rebellious, or noncompliant; when we go wayward?
    1. JERUSALEM, AS A CHILD & BRIDE! (1-14)
    3. (3) Father was Ammonite & mother a Hittite was a taunt.
      1. Inferring the nation’s depravity as though it were a heathen nation.
    4. (4) This description of caring for a newborn in eastern culture is one of the most complete statements in Scripture.
      1. Upon birth, the child’s navel was cut & the midwife salted the child’s skin for antiseptic purposes. The child was washed, rubbed with oil, & wrapped in cloths for 7 days. The process repeated for 40 days.
    5. (5) Dumped into an open field – Probably a reference to their sufferings in Egypt.
      1. She was in wretched shape when He called her & saved her.
    6. A BABY GIRL! (6,7)
    7. God shows compassion on the suffering nation & made it live!
    8. Israel was the wife of Jehovah only because of his Grace & Love.
      1. Probably a reference to Israel’s phenomenal growth down in Egypt. From the Patriarchal family of 75 who descended into Egypt (Acts 7:14); to more than 2 million (Ex.12:37-38).
      2. (7) Israel grew like a weed! (or plant)
    9. He rescues, cleanses, clothes, & raises her.
    10. A YOUNG WOMAN! (8-14)
    11. When she’s of age He marries her.
      1. He spread his skirt/wing over her – symbolic of protection & care through marriage. (Like Ruth & Boaz)
    12. He dresses her in the finest apparel.
    13. He bestows lavish gifts upon her.
    14. JERUSALEM, HER SIN! (15-34)
    15. HER CORRUPTION! (15-25)
    16. In spit of the Lord’s faithfulness, Israel soon becomes the harlot.
      1. Note your in vs.15.
    17. She appears as the bride of the Lord God, who loved her from infancy, did everything for her, but whose love she paid back with shameful idolatry & harlotry
    18. (22) She forgot her humble beginnings.
    19. HER CLIENTS! (26-34)
    20. Egypt (26) – Very Fleshly.
    21. Assyria (28) – Insatiable(always needing more).
    22. Chaldea/Babylon (29) – Still not satisfied.
    23. (31-34) Most harlots charge & receive wages. Israel bribed & paid her lovers.
      1. A reference to the tribute money & material goods which they were forced to pay to the nations w/whom it formed alliances with.
    24. JERUSALEM, HER JUDGMENT! (35-52)
    25. HER PUNISHMENT! (35-58)
    26. (37-43) Stripped naked before them –
      1. In judgment for her idolatry, God promised to bring Israel’s lovers against her.
    27. (44-52) Repaid for her sins –
    28. Like mother like daughter – The daughter was Jerusalem(Judah); the mother was the pagan Hittite who gave birth to 3 immoral children (Jerusalem, Samaria, & Sodom)
      1. Samaria represented the Northern Kingdom(Israel)
    30. HER RESTORATION! (53-59)
    31. He will bring her back.
    32. HER PARDON! (60-63)
    33. In spite of all her sin, a loving & faithful God will someday reaffirm his covenant of grace w/Israel.
    34. My covenant – The covenants that God would remember with them were: The Abrahamic covenant (which promised the land); The Davidic Covenant (a promised Seed);The New covenant (which promised the blessings in Millennium).
    1. ​​​​​​​Look at Rom.7:4 –Paul applies this image to believers.
      1. The application is no stretch!
      2. This is every believer’s story also!
    2. God choose to give you your physical life!
    3. God choose to give you your spiritual life!
    4. We choose what type of spiritual life we’ll have! – Are you Surviving or Living?
      1. Deut.30:19 – Choose life! Love, obey, cling.
      2. To live is Christ, to die is gain.
      3. Live soberly, righteously, & godly in this present age.
      4. The just shall live by faith.
      5. Live honorably.
    5. But what do we mean by living???
      1. Children of Israel missed it; we miss it; David got it [in His presence is fullness of joy].
      2. Plead with God to touch you! (John Piper says)
      3. It’s making us more loving, not more better!
      4. It’s when we move from dating God, to being married to Him!
    6. Picture this: There you are in your sin, deserving of nothing but His wrath & judgment.
      1. But then, the eternal Lord passes by in His glory; He looks, He pauses, He pronounces the solitary but royal word, “Live!”
    7. Q: If you’ve felt unloved & forsaken – will you come unto Jesus & be pardoned for your sin this evening?
    8. Q: If you’ve gone off track - will you come back to God tonight?
    9. Q: If you’re on track - will you choose life by loving, obeying, & clinging to God?
    10. Jer.2:13 – For My people have committed 2 evils: (1) They have forsaken Me, the fountain of living waters, And (2) hewn themselves cisterns— broken cisterns that can hold no water. [2 worse sins]
      1. (1) God I don’t need you; (2) I can do it on my own!
    11. Mr. Rodriquez picked up the small infant and quickly carried the child to County Memorial Hospital in his Ford pickup truck. “Mr. Rodriguez reportedly told hospital workers, “I was so scared. I just drove to the hospital as fast as I could. I kept saying over and over, PLEASE DON’T DIE. LIVE!”
      1. ​​​​​​​With only one word can say, Live!
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