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1 Timothy 2

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Verses 1-15

  1. Intro:
    1. Nathan Mattfeld’s Ordination
    2. Pentecost Sunday Pente = 50. {50 days after Easter Sunday}
      1. Also known as Whitsunday(White Sunday, referring to white robes which were worn by the priest on this Sunday)
    3. Outline: The Worship of God; The Will of God; The Women of God.
      1. Remember the overall letters theme(3:15) It’s about How to conduct ourselves in the church!
        1. Q: Did you do your homework? – People have a problem w/Jesus or church.
  2. THE WORSHIP OF GOD! (1-2,8)
    1. Paul seems to show, over & over, the most important ministry in the church is…Prayer!
      1. E.M. Bounds emphasized the need for a ministry of prayer within the church when he wrote, "It may be laid down as an axiom, that God needs, first of all, leaders in the church who will be first in prayer, men with whom prayer is habitual and characteristic, men who know the primacy of prayer. But even more than a habit of prayer, and more than prayer being characteristic of them, church leaders are to be men whose lives are made and molded by prayer, whose heart and life are made up of prayer. These are the men -- the only men -- God can use in the furtherance of His kingdom and the implanting of His message in the hearts of men."
    2. Who should we Pray for? (1,2a)
    3. All men – Would include all people within & outside the family of God.
      1. There was a sign in a principal's office that stated, "In the event of nuclear attack, fire, or earthquake, the ban on prayer is temporarily lifted."
    4. Those in authority – No cavalier generic prayer for them. This seems to be tied to the advancement of the gospel! (see 3,4)
    5. Why should we Pray for them? (2b)
    6. "I would rather teach 1 man to pray than 10 men to preach." (Charles Spurgeon)
    7. To live in peace & quiet –
      1. We must pray for gov leaders, that the doors of ministry will be kept open, or will be open in countries where they’re presently closed.
      2. When we don’t pray for those in authority, wars close mission fields! (Then missionaries must be evacuated out of that land)
      3. Or, Officials don’t grant necessary Visas to get into, or remain in, their country.
        1. No prayer?...the work of the Lord suffers!
      4. "The man who mobilizes the Christian church to pray will make the greatest contribution to world evangelization in history." (Andrew Murray)
    8. How should we Pray for them? (8)
    9. Not to exclude women…but men particularly are to model & lead in the exercise of prayer!
      1. In 1 Cor.11:5 Paul assumes that women, too, will pray.
        1. Maybe this was a specific problem in Ephesus…ladies praying & guys not.
    10. With holy hands lifted up –
      1. It was customary to stand when praying, & to spread out one’s hand before God. [like Sol at Temple dedication] (palms turned upward)
      2. Funnel(o/); Channel(IoI); Surrender(ioi); Hug(o).
      3. Oh & gentlemen…what kind of hands? Holy hands {not one’s that: slap, hit, or strike their spouse or children, or raise suddenly…to strike fear. Not hands that are used for bad gestures…Holy Hands!}
    11. Free from wrath & doubting – Paul’s primary point is not posture of the body, but posture of the heart!
      1. Therefore if you bring your gift to the altar, and there remember that your brother has something against you, leave your gift there before the altar, and go your way. First be reconciled to your brother, and then come and offer your gift. (Mt.5:23,24)
    12. "The one concern of the devil is to keep Christians from praying. He fears nothing from prayerless studies, prayerless work and prayerless religion.He laughs at our toil, mocks at our wisdom, but he trembles when we pray." (Samuel Chadwick)
    13. Men – may I invite you to come & pray w/us on Tues mornings.
      1. We are changing locations. We are going to start meeting out at the property. Maps in info booth, see Pastor Rick.
  3. THE WILL OF GOD! (3-7)
    1. His Mission! (3,4)
    2. All men to be saved? – So, “every human being” will be saved?
      1. Can’t mean that! – Does it mean God’s desire to save all types of people & not just Jews. (see vs.7 “Gentiles”)
        1. “All human beings w/o distinction of race or social standing.” (Shepherd’s Notes; pg.14)
      2. See “all” again in vs.6.
      3. Christ’s death has the potential to save all people, yet it is effective only w/those who come to Christ in faith & repentance.
    3. His Mediator! (5)
      1. Monotheism – Jews, Islam, Christianity.
    4. Mediator – One who brings 2 parties together who are out of communication & who may be alienated, estranged, or at war w/each other. (Geneva Bible Notes; pg.1910.)
      1. The mediator must have links with both sides so as to identify w/and maintain the interests of both, & represent each to the other on a basis of goodwill.
      2. Example: Moses was mediator/arbitrator between God & Israel.
        1. He spoke to God on Israel’s behalf & to Israel on God’s behalf!
      3. Yes, you do need a mediator in coming to God, but you DO NOT need any in coming to Christ!
        1. Go immediately to Him w/your rags & sin; your leprosy & spiritual sores; & w/all your spots & wrinkles!
      4. Here is the clearest scripture showing there is no co-mediator, nor a co-mediatrix(co-redemptrix, co-advocatrix)! {R.C. church says, she’s only a “helper” of the mediator} – But, Jesus doesn’t need anyone’s help!
    5. His Method! (6)
    6. Ransom – made up from two terms, “freeing slaves & prisoners” & “on behalf of/instead of” (suggests substitution).
      1. In the world of slaves & prisoners, money is paid, & a slave is freed. And, the owner of the slave is satisfied w/the payment!
    7. The land of Persia was once ruled by a wise and beloved Shah who cared greatly for his people and desired only what was best for them. One day he disguised himself as a poor man and went to visit the public baths. The water for the baths was heated by a furnace in the cellar, so the Shah made his way to the dark place to sit with the man who tended the fire.The two men shared the coarse food, and the Shah befriended him in his loneliness. Day after day the ruler went to visit the man. The worker became attached to this stranger because he "came where he was".One day the Shah revealed his true identity, and he expected the man to ask him for a gift. Instead, he looked long into his leader's face and with love and wonder in his voice said, "You left your palace and your glory to sit with me in this dark place, to eat my coarse food, and to care about what happens to me. On others you may bestow rich gifts, but to me you have given yourself!"
    8. His Messenger! (7)
      1. i.e. Paul.
  4. THE WOMEN OF GOD! (9-15) [This should’ve been my Mother’s Day message!]
    1. Women, “the last at the cross, the 1st at the open tomb!”
    2. Q: Ok, so how are women to act, to dress, to be, in the church?
      1. Philo the Jewish philosopher said, “coming in the guise of a prostitute, he describes such women as having her hair dressed in curious & elaborate plaits(weaves), he eyes w/pencil lines, her eyebrows smothered w/paint & her costly raiment broided lavishly w/flowers, & w/bracelets, necklaces of gold & jewels hanging around her.” (Philo, “The Sacrifices of Abel & Cain.”)
        1. Pearls were considered to have the topmost rank among valuables (considered to be 3 x’s more valuable than gold!) (LKGNT; pg.621)
        2. Some of the best garments could cost up to 7000 denarii. (one denarious was a labours days wage) (Ibid; pg.621)
          1. Tarsus – was an imp. weaving center, & its garments were classified as some of the best in the ancient world.
    3. Remember the gospel brought freedom to women in the Roman Empire, but some of them did not know how to handle it & went to extremes asserting their liberty. (www)
      1. So, a reminder about the sp leadership of the men in the church.
    4. Her Responsibilities! (9-11)
      1. Her Apparel (9,10) – They should be known, not necessarily for their good looks, but for their good works!
        1. But Paul’s not saying “uglier is better either”!
          1. Read 1 Pet.3:3,4.
        2. So, tasteful makeup; & attractive “accessorizing” is fine. (from Remember the Titans)
        3. He just doesn’t want glitter & gaudiness to replace godliness!
          1. It’s character not clothes that makes the woman!
          2. It’s holiness not hair! - It’s godliness not Gucci.
          3. It’s temperament not shopping at Tiffany’s.
        4. Ladies may I be frank? Modest = not dressing to kill!
        5. Q: Would Jesus blush walking in with you to church?
        6. Q: As you stand in the mirror ask Jesus, How do I look?
        7. Q: Who do you dress for on Sunday mornings?
        8. Prov.31:30 “Charm is deceitful and beauty is passing, But a woman who fears the Lord, she shall be praised.”
      2. Her Attitude (11) – Do adorn yourself! {1 Tim.2:9; 1 Pet.3:4}
        1. But with what?
      3. Ps: For those on “apparel patrol”…show grace!
        1. I’ll just say, bodies change, clothes shrink! show grace!
        2. I personally don’t think most ladies are doing it purposefully.
        1. Elisabeth Elliot said, “It is in willing submission, rather than grudging capitulation, that the women in the church (whether married or single) & the wife in the home find their fulfillment.”
    5. Her Restrictions! (12-14)
      1. The Rule (12) – Silence?
        1. Not complete silence, because in 1 Cor.11:5 Paul states women can pray & prophecy in the worship service.
        2. It’s a silence that respects the authoritative teaching & governing role assigned to the leaders of the church. (Ibid; pg.1911)
        3. It’s highly possible that women in the Ephesian church listened to the false teachers & moved into positions of governing authority w/in the church.
      2. The Reasons (13,14) – Based on the order of creation, & the order of Adam & Eve’s sin.
        1. Original Creation – He used this argument in 1 Cor.11:8,9.
        2. “Man is not from woman but woman from man. Nor was man made for the woman, but the woman for the man”.
        3. Original Corruption – Emphasis on who was “deceived”.
          1. Thus they being deceived by these false teachers.
          2. Ps: Other places Paul has no problem blaming the fall on Adam. [he sinned w/his eyes wide open]
        4. It is difficult with Paul’s reasoning then to say that maybe this has changed today??? (These 2 things back in Genesis haven’t changed)
    6. Her Redemption! (15)
      1. Paul calls for women everywhere to be barefoot & pregnant! J
      2. He seems to be contrasting here from the last verse of “being decieved into sin” & here, “being saved from sin”.
      3. Though this is a difficult passage, I believe Paul is for a 3rd time referring back to Genesis, this time to God’s statement to Eve after the fall concerning her role in childbeaing…which fits in the context of His & Her role! [chilbearing just a convenient symbol for her role]
        1. “Woman’s true fulfillment is in her devotion to that for which she was created, the bearing & rearing of children…this is a lotfier work for her even than being a leader in the church!” (C.A.Trentham)
      4. Note “if” clause.
        1. Paul isn’t coming against his doctrine of justification by faith alone.
    7. Lastly, let’s look at Judges 4 [Baruch & Deborah story!]
      1. Paul is urging men to fulfill their God-appointed role of leading the church – And urging women to let them lead!
      2. This was obviously a problem back in Pastor Timothy’s church (the Ephesian Church) & is still a problem today!
      3. Both men & women must assume their respective places of responsibility in the church!
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