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1 Samuel 19

Bell's Commentary on the BibleBell's Commentary

Verses 1-24

  1. INTRO:
    1. We have in this chapter a gathering cloud in David’s life. Clouds are brought on by pressure!
      1. If a high pressure zone moves in from the south, the weather is usually warm and clear in the summer. However, a high pressure zone originating from the north will usually bring cold weather in the winter months.
      2. God often places us in pressure situations. Clouds building over our lives.
        1. Pressures of criticism; Pressures of financial problems; Pressures of a 1000-n-1 details Maybe pressures in your home life; work life; ministry.
      3. How real is the pressure of a gathering cloud?
        1. Pretty real when we see a cloud getting darker & darker until its black & ominous & we find ourselves right in the path of a hurricane.
      4. What do we do?-Well let’s watch David, so we might triumph in such a situation. And, it may help us to understand why God allows clouds to come at all.
        1. Remember, Long ago in a covenant of mercy to His people & to the world, God said to Noah, “I have set my rainbow in the clouds.
          1. Never do you find it in the blue sky; you find the mercy of God in the very thick of the cloud!
    2. We all need to lean on something or somebody; life brings too many heartbreaking experiences to go it alone.
      1. Remember Bill Withers 1-hit-wonder, “Lean On Me”? (later done by DC Talk)
        1. Lean on me, when you're not strong - And I'll be your friend - I'll help you carry on - For it won't be long - 'Til I'm gonna need - Somebody to lean on.
      2. Crutches are tangible sources of earthly support that give us a sense of safety. What crutches do you have in your life? - Do they sometimes take the place of God? - Can you imagine losing everything you depend on?
      3. But lets remember, at the deepest level, we need to be leaning on God.
    3. Outline: 2 Crutches(Jonathan & Michal); A Cane(Samuel); & A Wheelchair(God).
    1. CRUTCH #1 - JONATHAN! (1-10)
    2. (1) The more David prospered, the more Saul dreaded him.
      1. Saul has tried a few times to spear David against the wall. Then, when he couldn’t kill David himself he put him into battles where he might be killed by the enemy. When that failed, he put a contract out on his life! (1)
      2. Saul, do you realize how demonic this is? You want to kill the one that will collect all the wealth to build the Temple. The one that would write the most beautiful worship Psalms. Even design the worship instruments. The one God would covenant with to keep the light shining in Jerusalem during the dark days of the nations decline. The one from whom God would bring The Messiah into the world?
    3. (2-5) Jonathan had to walk the dangerous line between loyalty to his father Saul & love for his friend David.
      1. He chose to stand for the truth & defend his friend before the king.
        1. Why then will you sin against innocent blood, to kill David without a cause?
    4. (6) As the Lord lives, he shall not be killed - Saul’s vows held about as much water as a rusty bucket!
    5. (8-10) David fled - With these words, David’s life as a fugitive officially began. [IDP]
      1. No longer would he be a welcome member of the court.
      2. No longer would he command Saul’s army.
    6. CRUTCH #2 - MICAL! (11-17)
    7. (11,12) Next, the king sends a hit squad to his house to ambush David.
      1. Sensing danger, Michal helped her husband escape through the window, & once more David fled.
        1. Faith in God does not exclude a commonsense approach to life.
    8. (13,14) Then Michal made up the household idol to like a man sleeping & told the soldiers that David was sick, to give him more time to run.
    9. (15-17) Michal, Saul’s daughter, risked her life to protect her husband.
      1. Yet, she protected herself by saying that he threatened to kill her if she didn’t help him. (17)
    10. Ironically, for the 2nd time David’s life was saved by a member of Saul’s household.
    11. A CANE - SAMUEL! (18)
    12. David fled straight to Samuel, and until the day of his death, Samuel stood by David.
    13. Here was a brief period of refreshment & respite designed by God to strengthen him for the trials that were soon to be thrust upon him.
      1. “You cannot control what people do to you, but you can control what you do with God!”
    14. But, how do you think David was feeling as he fled from one refuge to the next, only to have them all taken away? - How would this experience change you?
    15. A WHEELCHAIR - GOD! (19-24)
    16. Using crutches or canes or even walkers still requires you use your own strength. But being invited to sit in a wheelchair is to completely rest on something.
      1. To “believe in” or “trust” = “to lean your whole weight upon.”
    17. Saul sent 3 separate squads of soldiers to Naioth at Ramah to arrest David.
      1. Each time the Spirit of God protected David by forcing all the soldiers to do nothing but prophesy. [prophesy = (a) to sing songs & praise to God (b) to foretell events]
      2. Frustrated by all of this Saul finally went to capture David himself.
        1. Yet the king, too, was overpowered by God’s Spirit.
        2. He even went as far as removing his royal clothing (i.e. becoming like any other man).
    18. The “ultimate weapon” of the believer is spiritual, the power of God at work changing people.
      1. God protected David & Samuel, not by sending an army but by sending the Holy Spirit to turn warriors into worshippers!
      2. 2 Cor.10:3,4 For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal but mighty in God for pulling down strongholds.
    19. (24) That proverb (from ch.10) was resurrected again.
      1. But once again proves a person can have a remarkable religious experience & yet have no change in character.
    20. Being stripped of all crutches is one of the most painful of life’s experiences!
      1. When all human supports have been removed we feel incredibly helpless, lonely, & heartbroken.
        1. Have any of your security crutches been kicked out from under you? What are they?
      2. When each & every one in our support base is kicked out from under us...Where do we turn? Where do we go w/our fears & heartaches?
        1. We know exactly where David went...he wrote it out for us in Ps.59!
        2. Ps.59 - See intro & 1-4.
          1. In a matter of days David lost so much: his position, his home, his wife, his mentor, his reputation.
        3. Ps.59:8,9 - I will wait - What was the on Rock that never crumbled in David’s life?
          1. I will wait upon You - or, “I will watch for You like the shepherd watches the sheep”, or “as the sentry is on duty.”
        4. Ps.59:16,17 - I will sing - of your power!
          1. If God can care for the whole universe, He can care for you & your little need today! (Little need...wait a minute!) To Him it is!
            1. Have you seen satellite pictures on the news of a hurricane in the gulf, that covers the whole gulf of Mexico? To God, its the top of a Q-Tip!
        5. Yes, somewhere between vs.9 & vs.16 David prayed himself out of his panic, fears, or doubts & right into joyful song!
          1. And note...there was no change in the circumstances that surrounded him, but his cry for deliverance became a calm waiting upon God & then a song of victory, even with the enemy pressing him on all sides.
        6. If you don’t wait you probably wont sing! - So often we’re like heavily laden ships that pull up to dock at God’s wharf, but then go out again still heavy burdened because God wasn’t there to unload us. Wait...so you can sing!
    21. The help of God does not come when we are indifferent. (Alan Redpath: The Making of the Man of God; pg.54)
      1. It comes to the man who is depending on God, in the thick of the fight!
      2. It comes to the one who waits for the vision in faith!
      3. It comes to the one who believes that he who waits on the Lord shall never be confounded!
      4. It comes to the one who rests upon the promises of the Word!
      5. It comes to the one who believes that before he calls, God will answer!
      6. It comes to the man who lives by faith as if in the actual possession of the answer to his prayer, although the enemy is still around him!
        1. It is faith which turns distress into singing.
    22. When all your supports have collapsed, one source of strength always remains true - the Lord! - Read Ps.56:3,4; 8,9.
    23. One more stanza from Bill Withers “Lean On Me”...If there is a load you have to bear - That you can't carry - I'm right up the road - I'll share your load - If you just call me!
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