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Numbers 8

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Verses 1-4

The actual lighting of the lamps (compare the marginal references) was to be done to set forth symbolically the special presence which God had now Numbers 7:89 actually established among His people.

Verses 5-22

Were purified - Rather, purified themselves; as directed in Numbers 8:7.

Verse 24

Twenty and five years old and upward - The permanent limit as distinguished from the temporary Numbers 4:3, Numbers 4:23, Numbers 4:30, though David found it necessary to extend the period of the Levites’ service by causing it to commence at 20 years of age 1 Chronicles 23:24-28. This rule continued in force from the time of David downward (compare on 2 Chronicles 31:17; Ezra 3:8).

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Barnes, Albert. "Commentary on Numbers 8". "Barnes' Notes on the Whole Bible". 1870.