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Ezekiel 33

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Ezekiel newly designated to the prophetic office, undertakes his new duty of encouraging his countrymen to hope for forgiveness and restoration. Ezekiel 33:1-20 are the introduction to this third group of prophecies. This is the beginning of the last section Ezek. 33–48.

Verse 1

Again - And. For Ezekiel 33:1-20, compare Ezekiel 18:0 notes.

Verse 21

The date shows an interval of 112 years from the taking of Jerusalem Jeremiah 52:12. The general news that the city was taken must have reached them, but it was only when the messenger arrived that the prophet’s mouth was opened. It is not improbable that a body of men after the destruction of the city joined their brethren in Chaldaea; if so this would account for the lapse of time, and supply a reason why Ezekiel on their arrival should commence a new series of prophecies.

Verse 22

Was upon me ... was opened - For was read “had been.” The prophet was under the hand of God in ecstatic trance on the evening preceding the arrival of the messenger, and continued in this state until his arrival.

Verses 23-33

And when this - But when this.

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