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Bible Commentaries

Abbott's Illustrated New Testament


- Jude

by John & Jacob Abbott


THE author of this Epistle is generally supposed to be the apostle called "Judas, the brother of James in Luke 6:16, and "Lebbeus, whose surname was Thaddeus," in Matthew 10:3. The design of the Epistle is, like that of the Second Epistle of Peter, to expose and condemn certain false and corrupt religious teachers, who had, even in those early times, found their way into the church, and whose influence threatened to be of the most dangerous character. A very striking characteristic of the Epistle is its siniilarity, not only in sentiment, but in imagery and diction, to the Epistle of Peter, above referred to--a similarity so close, as necessarily seems to imply some sort of connection or community of origin between the Epistles.