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Bible Commentaries

Abbott's Illustrated New Testament

3 John

- 3 John

by John & Jacob Abbott


IT will appear, on a perusal of this Epistle, that it relates to some particular occurrences, the nature of which can only be inferred from the allusions which the Epistle itself contains. It is addressed to a disciple named Gaius, and is in behalf of certain brethren and strangers, whom the writer wished to commend to his hospitality and aid. Demetrius (3 John 1:12) seems to be mentioned as one of these brethren or strangers; and a certain ambitious and aspiring member of the church, Diotrephes, (3 John 1:9,) is censured for being unwilling that the church, with which he was connected, should receive and aid the persons referred to. Some of these names occur in the Acts, and in the other Epistles; but the persons here intended cannot be positively identified with any of the individuals mentioned in the other sacred writings; and there seems to be no allusion elsewhere to the circumstances which furnished the occasion for this Epistle.