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Strong's #4918 - מְשֻׁלָּם

from (H7999)
Parts of Speech
Proper Name Masculine
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Meshullam = “friend”

1) grandfather of Shaphan, the scribe

2) son of Zerubbabel

3) a Benjamite of the sons of Elpaal

4) a Benjamite, father of Sallu

5) a Benjamite who lived at Jerusalem after the captivity

6) a Benjamite

6a) perhaps the same as 3 or 4

7) a Gadite in the reign of king Jotham of Judah

8) son of Berechiah who assisted in rebuilding the wall of Jerusalem

9) son of Besodeiah who assisted Jehoiada the son of Paseah in restoring the old gate of Jerusalem

10) a chief of the people who sealed the covenant with Nehemiah

11) father of Hilkiah and high priest probably in the reign of king Amon of Judah

11a) perhaps the same as ‘Shallum’

12) a priest, son of Meshillemith or Meshillemoth, son of Immer, and ancestor of Maasiai or Amashai

13) a priest or family of priests who sealed the covenant with Nehemiah

14) a priest, head of the family of Ginnethon and representative of the house of Ezra in the days of Joiakim, the son of Jeshua

15) a priest, one of the princes of Judah at the dedication of the wall of Jerusalem

16) a Kohathite or family of Kohathite Levites in the reign of Josiah

17) a Levite, one of the heads sent to Iddo to gather the Levites to join the caravan about to return to Jerusalem; a chief man who assisted Ezra in abolishing the marriages which some of the people had made with foreign wives

18) ancestor of a family of porters or Levites in days of Nehemiah

19) a descendant of Bani who had a foreign wife and put her away

20) one of the men who stood at the left hand of Ezra when he read the law to the people

20a) maybe the same as 17

Frequency Lists
Verse Results
KJV (25)
2 Kings 1
1 Chronicles 7
2 Chronicles 1
Ezra 3
Nehemiah 13
NAS (25)
2 Kings 1
1 Chronicles 7
2 Chronicles 1
Ezra 3
Nehemiah 13
HCS (25)
2 Kings 1
1 Chronicles 7
2 Chronicles 1
Ezra 3
Nehemiah 13
BSB (25)
2 Kings 1
1 Chronicles 7
2 Chronicles 1
Ezra 3
Nehemiah 13
ESV (25)
2 Kings 1
1 Chronicles 7
2 Chronicles 1
Ezra 3
Nehemiah 13
WEB (25)
2 Kings 1
1 Chronicles 7
2 Chronicles 1
Ezra 3
Nehemiah 13
Brown-Driver-Briggs Expanded Definition
 מְשֻׁלָּם proper name, masculine Μεσουλαμ, Μοσολλαμ, etc.:

1 grandfather of Shaphan 2 Kings 22:3.

2 son of Zerubbabel 1 Chronicles 3:19.

3 in Benjamin:

a. 1 Chronicles 8:17, perhaps =

b. 1 Chronicles 9:7.

c. 1 Chronicles 9:8.

d. Nehemiah 11:7.

4 in Gad 1 Chronicles 5:13.

5 wall-builders:

a. Nehemiah 3:4,30.

b. Nehemiah 3:6.

6 a chief Nehemiah 10:21.

7 priests (distinctions in part obscure):

a. 1 Chronicles 9:11; Nehemiah 11:11; Nehemiah 12:13 (perhaps = שַׁלּוּם 11).

b. 1 Chronicles 9:12.

c. Nehemiah 10:8.

d. Nehemiah 12:6.

e. Nehemiah 12:33.

8 Levites:

a. 2 Chronicles 34:12.

b. Ezra 8:16; Ezra 10:15; Nehemiah 8:14.

c. Nehemiah 12:25 ( = שַׁלּוּם 12 a).

9 Ezra 10:29. above

Brown-Driver-Briggs Hebrew and English Lexicon, Unabridged, Electronic Database.All rights reserved. Used by permission. BibleSoft.com
Gesenius' Hebrew and Chaldee Definition

מְשֻׁלָּם (“friend” sc. of God; compare Isaiah 42:19), [Meshullam], pr.n. of several men, Ezra 8:16, 10:15, 29 Ezra 10:29; Nehemiah 3:4,, 30, etc.

These files are public domain and are a derivative of an electronic edition that is available BibleSupport.com
List of Word Forms
וְלִמְשֻׁלָּ֖ם וּמְשֻׁלָּ֖ם וּמְשֻׁלָּ֛ם וּמְשֻׁלָּ֡ם וּמְשֻׁלָּֽם׃ וּמְשֻׁלָּם֙ ולמשלם ומשלם ומשלם׃ מְשֻׁלָּ֔ם מְשֻׁלָּ֖ם מְשֻׁלָּ֡ם מְשֻׁלָּ֣ם מְשֻׁלָּ֤ם מְשֻׁלָּ֥ם מְשֻׁלָּֽם׃ מְשֻׁלָּם֙ משלם משלם׃ mə·šul·lām meshulLam məšullām ū·mə·šul·lām umeshulLam ūməšullām velimshulLam wə·lim·šul·lām wəlimšullām
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