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Strong's #1688 - דְּבִר

deb-eer', deb-eer'
the same as (H1687)
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Debir = “sanctuary”

1) the king of Eglon, one of the five kings hanged by Joshua (noun proper masculine)

2) a town in the mountains of Judah west of Hebron and given to the priests and a city of refuge (noun proper locative)

3) a place on the northern boundary of Judah (noun proper locative)

4) a town in the territory of Gad (noun proper locative)

Frequency Lists
Verse Results
KJV (14)
Joshua 11
Judges 2
1 Chronicles 1
NAS (14)
Joshua 11
Judges 2
1 Chronicles 1
HCS (13)
Joshua 10
Judges 2
1 Chronicles 1
BSB (14)
Joshua 11
Judges 2
1 Chronicles 1
ESV (14)
Joshua 11
Judges 2
1 Chronicles 1
WEB (14)
Joshua 11
Judges 2
1 Chronicles 1
Brown-Driver-Briggs Expanded Definition
 II. דְּבִיר 1. proper name, masculine king of Eglon Joshua 10:3.

2. proper name, of a location a.דְּבִ֫רָה with ָ  ה locative, northern border Judah Joshua 15:7 ( westward Hup Psalm 28:2).

b.לִדְבִר town of the Gadites Joshua 13:26, perhaps Lôdebâr 2 Samuel 9:4 see לֹא דְבָר Di MV.

c.דְּבִיר Judges 1:11 (twice in verse); 1 Chronicles 6:43, דְּבִרָה Joshua 10:38,39, elsewhere דְּבִר Joshua 15:15 +, a royal city of Canaanites anciently called קִרְיַת סֵפֶר Joshua 15:15; Judges 1:11, קִרְיַת סַנָּה Joshua 15:49; on the mountains of Judah, in region of Hebron Joshua 11:21; Joshua 15:49, assigned to the Aaronite priests Joshua 21:15 as a city of refuge 1 Chronicles 6:43; modern Dhoherîye, 5 hours southwest from Hebron, according to Kn, so Survey iii. 402; other conjectures in D1Joshua 10:39 Ri HWB 265.

Brown-Driver-Briggs Hebrew and English Lexicon, Unabridged, Electronic Database.All rights reserved. Used by permission. BibleSoft.com
List of Word Forms
דְּבִ֑יר דְּבִ֑ר דְּבִ֑רָה דְּבִ֖יר דְּבִ֖ר דְּבִ֣ר דְּבִ֥יר דְּבִ֥ר דְּבִר֙ דְּבִרָה֮ דְבִֽר׃ דביר דבר דבר׃ דברה לִדְבִ֙רָה֙ לִדְבִֽר׃ לדבר׃ לדברה də·ḇi·rāh də·ḇir də·ḇîr ḏə·ḇir dəḇir dəḇîr ḏəḇir dəḇirāh deVir deVirah liḏ·ḇi·rāh liḏ·ḇir liḏḇir liḏḇirāh lidVir lidVirah
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