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Strong's #5585 - ψηφίζω

from (G5586)
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  1. to count with pebbles, to compute, calculate, reckon
  2. to give one's vote by casting a pebble into the urn
  3. to decide by voting
Hebrew Equivalent Words:
Strong #: 5608 ‑ סָפַר (saw‑far');  
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KJV (2)
Luke 1
Revelation 1
NAS (2)
Luke 1
Revelation 1
HCS (2)
Luke 1
Revelation 1
BSB (2)
Luke 1
Revelation 1
ESV (2)
Luke 1
Revelation 1
WEB (2)
Luke 1
Revelation 1
Liddell-Scott-Jones Definitions


fut. Att. -ιῶ (ἐπι-) Aeschin. 2.84: aor. ἐψήφισα Plu. 2.141c, (ἐπι-) Th. 2.24: pf. ἐψήφικα (ἐπ-) X. An. 5.6.35, (κατ-) D.H. 5.8: Med., v. infr. 11: Pass., v. infr. 111:

count, reckon, prop. with pebbles (ψῆφοι), Plb. 5.26.13, AP 11.168 (Antiphan.), 171 (Lucill.); ψ. δακτύλοις Plu.l.c.

2. ἐὰν ψηφίσῃς τὸ ἓν ἐν γράμμασιν, i.e. if you add up the numerical values of the letters in the word ἕν, Theol.Ar. 64.

II more freq. in Med. ψηφίζομαι: fut. Att. ψηφιοῦμαι Ar. V. 769, Th. 7.48, Pl. Smp. 177d, etc. (ψηφίσομαι is f.l. where found, e.g. in Lys. 12.44, 14.47, (κατα-) Antipho 1.12, 6.10, (ἀπο-) ibid.): aor. ἐψηφισάμην Hdt. 5.97, Th. 7.48, etc.: pf. ἐψήφισμαι in med. sense, Ar. V. 591 (anap.), Th. 1.120, etc.: prop., cast one's vote with a pebble: 1 abs., εἰς ὑδρίαν ψ. X. HG 1.7.9, cf. Ar. V. 755 (anap.): generally, vote, ψήφῳ ψηφίζεσθαι μὴ φεύγειν Hdt. 9.55; τοῖς νόμοις ψηφίσασθαι vote in support of the laws, D. 21.188; ἐναντία ψ. τινι Pl. Smp. 177d.

2. c. acc., vote for, carry by vote, τὸν πόλεμον Th. 1.86; ψηφίσασθαί τινι τὸν πλοῦν vote him the voyage, Id. 4.29; ψ. παρασκευήν Id. 6.25, cf. Ar. Lys. 951; ἐπιβολὴν ψ. Id. V. 769; δίκην Isaiah 3:7; ἄδειαν And. 1.12; διαδίκασμα ψ. τινι Lys. 17.10; κλῆρόν τινι ψ. to adjudge it to.., D. 43.6: c. dupl. acc., ψ. τινα θεόν vote him a god, Plu. 2.187e.

3. c. inf., vote, resolve to do something, c. inf. pres., ψ. μένειν Hdt. 7.207, cf. 9.55 (supr. cit.); ψ. τι δρᾶν A. Ag. 1353: c. inf. aor., ψ. νέας ἀποστεῖλαι Hdt. 5.97, cf. Ar. V. 591 (anap.), Pl. Grg. 516e: c. inf. fut., ψ. πάντας ἀποσφάξειν (better ἀποσφάξαι as cod. P) D.S. 12.72: c. acc. et inf., vote that.., ψ. τὰς σπονδὰς λελύσθαι Th. 1.88; ψ. ὥστε μὴ ἴσων ἕκαστον τυγχάνειν X. Cyr. 2.2.20: ψ. ὅπως τις ἄρχοι μόνος Plu. Pomp. 54.

4. ψ. περί, ὑπέρ τινος, Pl. Demod. 382d, Aeschin. 1.154.

III Act. is used in signf. decide by vote, δίκην κατ' ἄλλου.. ἐψήφισαν S. Aj. 449, and is also found in IGRom. 4.293a ii 57 (Pergam., ii B.C.); ψηφίζομεν is dub. in Hdn. 2.3.4 (ἐπευφημίζομεν Schwartz): Pass., aor. ψηφισθῆναι be voted, τοῖς στρατηγοῖς εἴ του προσδέοιντο ψηφισθῆναι ἐς τὸν ἔκπλουν Th. 6.8; τὸ ψήφισμα ἐψηφίσθη Lys. 13.29; τὰ ψηφισθέντα πλοῖα X. HG 1.2.1: fut., τὰ ψηφισθησόμενα Isoc. 6.92: pf., ἐψηφισμένοι θανεῖν condemned by vote, E. Heracl. 141; τοῖς ἰχθυοπώλαις ἐστὶν ἐψηφισμένον.. στῆσαι Alex. 56.

Thayer's Expanded Definition

ψηφίζω; 1 aorist ἐψηφισα; (ψῆφος, which see); to count with pebbles, to compute, calculate, reckon: τήν δαπάνην, Luke 14:28; τόν ἀριθμόν, to explain by computing, Revelation 13:18. (Polybius, Plutarch, Palaeph., Anthol.; commonly and indeed chiefly in the middle in the Greek writings to give one's vote by casting a pebble into the urn; to decide by voting.) (Compare: συγψηφίζω, καταψηφίζω, συμψηφίζω.)

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Abbott-Smith Manual Greek Lexicon of the New Testament


(< ψῆφος ),

[in LXX: 1 Kings 3:8; 1 Kings 8:5 A (H5608 ni..) *;]

to count (prop., with pebbles), reckon, calculate: τ . δαπάνην , Luke 14:28; τ . ἀριθμόν (i.e. calculate the number's meaning), Revelation 13:18 (in cl. chiefly mid., to vote by casting a pebble; cf. συγ -κατα -, συμ -φηφίζω ).†

Abbott-Smith Manual Greek Lexicon of the New Testament.
Copyright © 1922 by G. Abbott-Smith, D.D., D.C.L.. T & T Clarke, London.
List of Word Forms
ψηφιζει ψηφίζει ψηφισατω ψηφισάτω ψήφισμα psephisato psephisáto psēphisatō psēphisátō psephizei psephízei psēphizei psēphízei
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