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Strong's #5231 - ὑπεράνω

from (G5228) and (G507)
Parts of Speech
  1. above
    1. above a thing
    2. of a place
    3. of rank or power
Hebrew Equivalent Words:
Strong #: 4606 ‑ מֶעָל (may‑awl');  5921 ‑ עַל (al);  5945 ‑ עֶלְיוֹן (el‑yone');  
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KJV (3)
NAS (5)
HCS (3)
BSB (3)
ESV (2)
WEB (3)
Verse Results
Liddell-Scott-Jones Definitions

ὑπεράνω [ ],


above, opp. ὑποκάτω, SIG 588.31 (Milet., ii B. C.); οἰκεῖν Luc. DDeor. 4.2, etc.; above the horizon, Euc. Phaen. p.8 M.: mostly c. gen., ὑ. τούτων [τῶν μορίων] σχίζεται [ἡ φλέψ ] Arist. HA 513b32, cf. PSI 6.631.6 (iii B. C.), LXX Ezekiel 43:15, al.; ὑ. γίγνεσθαί τινος to get the upper hand of, Teles p.44 H., Plu. 2.10b, Phld. Mort. 34; ὑ. τεθεῖσθαι πάντων Id. Piet. 102; ποιεῖν or ποιεῖσθαί τινα or τι ὑ. τινός, Plu. 2.98e, 6b; πάντων ὑ. ποιεῖν act more nobly than all others, D.L. 7.128.

2. οἱ ὑ. πλεονασμοί excessive repetitions, Plb. 12.24.1; but μίαν ὑ. ποιότητα one supreme quality, Meno Iatr. 14.18.

3. of time, further back, ἐκ τῶν ὑ. χρόνων SIG 742.58 (Ephesus, i B. C.).

4. above, in a document, [ ψηφίσματα] ὑ. γεγραμμένα ib.591.2 (Lampsacus, ii B. C.).

Abbott-Smith Manual Greek Lexicon of the New Testament

ὑπερ -άνω ,

compound adv.,

[in LXX for H5921, H4606, etc.;]

above: as prep. c. gen., Ephesians 1:21; Ephesians 4:10, Hebrews 9:5.†

Abbott-Smith Manual Greek Lexicon of the New Testament.
Copyright © 1922 by G. Abbott-Smith, D.D., D.C.L.. T & T Clarke, London.
Vocabulary of the Greek NT

φαρμακ (ε)ία

φαρμακ (ε)ία in its general sense ";practice of drugging,"; may be illustrated from P Cairo Zen I. 59018.5 (B.C. 258) (= Preisigke 6710.5), where a man states, that having taken a dose of medicine he is unable to leave the house—ἄρρωστ ]ος ἐτύγχανον ἐκ φαρμακείας ὤν. In P Oxy III. 486.21 (A.D. 131) it has the sinister sense of ";poisoning";—τῇ μητρί μου Ἑρμιόνῃ φαρμακείας ἐνκαλῶν, ";charging my mother Hermione with poisoning"; : cf. Vett. Val. p. 11.1, et saepe. From this it is an easy transition to ";sorcery,"; ";witchcraft,"; as in Gal. 5:20; see Lightfoot’s note ad l., also Burton ICC Gal. p. 306.


φάρμακον in its oniy NT occurrence (Rev. 9:21) has the evil meaning ";drug,"; ";enchantment,"; ";sorcery"; : cf. P Tebt I. 43.19 (B.C. 118) ἐπανείρηται αὐτὸν (l. ἐπανῄρηται αὐτὸς) φαρμάκωι, ";he has been poisoned,"; and PSI I. 64.20 (i/B.C.?), where a wife solemnly promises that she will not mix noxious drugs with her husband’s drink or food—μηδὲ ποι [ ]σειν εἴς σε φάρμακα φίλτρα μηδὲ κακοποιὰ μήτε ἐν ποτοῖς μήτε ἐν βρωτοῖς, with which mau be compared Syll 815 (=.3 1180).2 cited s.v. θανάσιμος the sepulchral Kaibel 595.3 where a physician is praised as πολλούς τε σώσας φαρμάκοις ἀνωδύνοις, and the magic P Lond 122.33 (iv/A.D.) (=I. p. 117) διασῶσόν μου πάνδοτε εἰς τὸν αἰῶνα ἀπὸ φαρμάκων καὶ δολίων. See also the prayer for vengeance Preisigke 1323 (ii/A.D.), and compare Musonius p. 124.4 φαρμάκοις γὰρ οὐκ ἔοικεν, ἀλλὰ σιτίοις ὑγιεινοῖς ἡ δύναμις αὐτοῦ. A dim. φαρμάκιον is found in P Petr III. 42 H(8).25 (mid. iii/B.C.) (= Witkowski.2, p, 16).

For φάρμακον in a healing sense, ";physic,"; ";medicine"; we may cite P Lond 356.6 (i/A.D.) (= II. p. 252, Selections p. 59) καλῶς ποιήσεις ἰδίωι κινδύνῳ τὸ καλὸν πωλήσας ἐξ ὧν ἐάν σοι εἴπῃ φαρμάκων ἔχειν χρείαν Σῶτας ὁ φίλος μου, ";be so good as to sell at your own risk good quality of whatever drugs my friend Sotas says that he has need,"; P Flor II. 222.11 (A.D. 256) τὸ φάρμακον. . εἰς τὸν παρ᾽ ἐμοὶ ταῦρον, ";medicine for my bull,"; P Grenf II. 77.17 (funeral expenses—iii/iv A.D.) (= Selections, p. 121) ἔστι δὲ τὰ ἀναλώματα τιμ () φαρμάκου παλ (αιαὶ) (δραχμαὶ) ξ ̄ κτλ., ";the expenses are—the price of medicine 60 old drachmae,"; etc. See also Sir. 6:16, Test. xii. pair. Jos. ii. 7 μέγα φάρμακόν ἐστιν ἡ μακροθυμία, and Ign. Eph. xx. φάρμακον ἀθανασίας, of the Eucharist.


The Vocabulary of the Greek New Testament.
Copyright © 1914, 1929, 1930 by James Hope Moulton and George Milligan. Hodder and Stoughton, London.
Derivative Copyright © 2015 by Allan Loder.
List of Word Forms
υπερανω υπεράνω ὑπεράνω υπεράνωθεν υπεράρσει υπερασπιεί υπερασπίζει υπερασπίζω υπερασπίσαι υπερασπίση υπερασπισμόν υπερασπιστά υπερασπιστήν υπερασπιστής υπερασπιώ υπερασπίω hyperano hyperanō hyperáno hyperánō uperano uperanō
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