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Strong's #4761 - στρεβλόω

from a derivative of (G4762)
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  1. to twist, turn awry
  2. to torture, put to the rack
  3. metaph. to pervert, of one who wrests or tortures language in a false sense
Hebrew Equivalent Words:
Strong #: 6617 ‑ פָּתַל (paw‑thal');  
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2 Peter 1
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2 Peter 1
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2 Peter 1
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2 Peter 1
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2 Peter 1
Liddell-Scott-Jones Definitions

στρεβλ-όω, fut. -ώσω Plu. Phoc. 35: aor. ἐστρέβλωσα Din. 1.63: twist or strain tight, ὄνοισι ξυλίνοισι τὰ ὅπλα drawing the cables taut with windlasses (cf. στρέβλη 1 ), Hdt. 7.36; screw up the strings of an instrument, τὰς χορδὰς ἐπὶ τῶν κολλόπων στρεβλοῦν Pl. R. 531b .

II twist or wrench a dislocated limb, with a view to setting it, ς. τὸν πόδα Hdt. 3.129; also of wrestlers, Philostr. Im. 2.6, cf. 1.6 ( Pass. ): Med., ἐς τοὐπίσω τὰς χεῖρας ς . Alciphr. 3.43: Pass., στρεβλωθῆναι acquire a squint, Herod.Med. in Rh.Mus. 58.78; ἐσχηκότες στρεβλουμένους τοὺς ὀφθαλμούς ibid.

2. stretch on the wheel or rack, to rack, torture, applied to slaves for the purpose of extracting evidence, Ar. Nu. 620, Ra. 620, Antipho 5.32, Herod. 2.89; στρεβλοῦν . . τοῦτον ὡς κατάσκοπον Antiph. 277: Pass., ἐπὶ τροχοῦ στρεβλούμενος Ar. Lys. 846, Pl. 875; ἀπέθανε στρεβλωθείς Lys. 13.54, cf. And. 1.44, Gal. 6.312: fut. Med. στρεβλώσομαι in pass. sense, Pl. R. 361e .

3. metaph., pervert or distort words, Pet. 3.16: Pass., LXX 2 Samuel 22:27 .

Thayer's Expanded Definition

στρεβλόω, στρέβλω; (στρεβλός (from στρέφω) twisted, Latintortuosus; hence, στρέβλη, feminine, an instrument of torture); to twist, turn awry (Herodotus); to torture, put to the rack (Aristophanes, Plato, Demosthenes, Polybius, Josephus, 3Macc. 4:14); metaphorically, to pervert, of one who wrests or tortures language to a false sense, 2 Peter 3:16.

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Abbott-Smith Manual Greek Lexicon of the New Testament

στρεβλόω , -

(< στρέφω ),

[in LXX: 2 Samuel 22:27 (H6617 hithp.), 3 Maccabees 4:14, 4 Maccabees 9:17; 4 Maccabees 12:4; 4 Maccabees 12:11; 4 Maccabees 15:14 *;]

to twist, torture. Metaph. (cf. 2Ki, l.c.), to twist or pervert language: 2 Peter 3:16.†

Abbott-Smith Manual Greek Lexicon of the New Testament.
Copyright © 1922 by G. Abbott-Smith, D.D., D.C.L.. T & T Clarke, London.
List of Word Forms
στρεβλουσιν στρεβλούσιν στρεβλοῦσιν στρεβλωθήση στρεπτά στρεπτήν στρεπτόν streblousin strebloûsin