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Strong's #3137 - Μαρία

mar-ee'-ah, mar-ee-am'
of Hebrew origin (H4813)
Parts of Speech
Noun Feminine
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Mary or Miriam = "their rebellion"
  1. Mary the mother of Jesus
  2. Mary Magdalene, a women from Magdala
  3. Mary, the sister of Lazarus and Martha
  4. Mary of Cleophas the mother of James the less
  5. Mary the mother of John Mark, a sister of Barnabas
  6. Mary, a Roman Christian who is greeted by Paul in Rom. 16:6
Frequency Lists
Verse Results
KJV (54)
Matthew 11
Mark 8
Luke 17
John 15
Acts 2
Romans 1
NAS (54)
Matthew 11
Mark 8
Luke 17
John 15
Acts 2
Romans 1
HCS (53)
Matthew 11
Mark 8
Luke 17
John 14
Acts 2
Romans 1
BSB (54)
Matthew 11
Mark 8
Luke 17
John 15
Acts 2
Romans 1
ESV (50)
Matthew 11
Mark 6
Luke 17
John 14
Acts 1
Romans 1
WEB (53)
Matthew 11
Mark 7
Luke 17
John 15
Acts 2
Romans 1
Thayer's Expanded Definition

Μαριάμ indeclinable, and Μαρία, Μαρίας, (מִרְיָם 'obstinacy,' 'rebelliousness'; the well-known proper name of the sister of Moses; in the Targums מַרְיָם; cf. Delitzsch, Zeitschr. f. luth. Theol. for 1877, p. 2 (Maria is a good Latin name also)), Mary. The women of this name mentioned in the N. T. are the following:

1. the mother of Jesus Christ, the wife of Joseph; her name is written Μαρία (in an oblique case) in Matthew 1:16, 18; Matthew 2:11; Mark 6:3; Luke 1:41; Acts 1:14 (R G L); Μαριάμ Matthew 13:55; Luke 1:27, 30-56 ((in Luke 1:38 L marginal reading Μαρία)); Luke 2:5, 16, 34; (Acts 1:14 T Tr WH); the reading varies between the two forms in Matthew 1:20 (WH text Μαρίαν); Luke 2:19 (L T Tr WH text Μαρία); so where the other women of this name are mentioned, (see Tdf. Proleg., p. 116, where it appears that in his text the genitive is always (seven times) Μαρίας; the nominative in Mark always (seven times) Μαρία; that in John Μαριάμ occurs eleven times; Μαρία (or Μαρίαν) only three times, etc.; for the facts respecting the manuscripts, see (Tdf. as above and) WHs Appendix, p. 156); cf. Buttmann, 17 (15).

2. Mary Magdalene (a native of Magdala): Matthew 27:56, 61; Matthew 28:1; Mark 15:40, 47; Mark 16:1, 9; Luke 8:2; Luke 24:10; John 19:25; John 20:1, 11, 16, 18.

3. the mother of James the less and Joses, the wife of Clopas (or Alphaeus) and sister of the mother of Jesus: Matthew 27:56, 61; Matthew 28:1; Mark 15:40, 47; Mark 16:1; Luke 24:10; John 19:25 (see Ἰάκωβος, 2). There are some, indeed, who, thinking it improbable that there were two living sisters of the name of Mary (the common opinion), suppose that not three but four women are enumerated in John 19:25, and that these are distributed into two pairs so that ἀδελφή τῆς μητρός Ἰησοῦ designates Salome, the wife of Zebedee; so especially Wieseler in the Theol. Studien und Kritiken for 1840, p. 648ff, (cf. Lightfoots Commentary on Galatians, Diasert. ii., especially, pp. 255f, 264) with whom Lücke, Meyer, Ewald and others agree; in opposed to them cf. Grimm in Ersch and Gruber's Encykl. sect. 2 vol. xxii., p. 1f. In fact, instances are not lacking among the Jews of two living brothers of the same name, e. g. Onias, in Josephus, Antiquities 12, 5, 1; Herod, sons of Herod the Great, one by Mariamne, the other by Cleopatra of Jerusalem, Josephus, Antiquities 17, 1, 3; b. j. 1, 28, 4; (cf. B. D., under the phrase, Mary of Cleophas; Lightfoot as above, p. 264).

4. the sister of Lazarus and Martha: Luke 10:39, 42; John 11:1-45; John 12:3.

5. the mother of John Mark: Acts 12:12.

6. a certain Christian woman mentioned in Romans 16:6.

Thayer's Expanded Greek Definition, Electronic Database.
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Abbott-Smith Manual Greek Lexicon of the New Testament

Μαρία , -ας (Hellenized form), and Μαριάμ , indecl.,

(Aram. מַרְיָם ; Heb. (MT) H4813),

Mary. In NT;

1. the mother of Jesus: Matthew 1:16 ff. Matthew 2:11; Matthew 13:55, Mark 6:3, Luke 1:27 ff. Luke 2:5; Luke 2:16; Luke 2:19; Luke 2:34, Acts 1:14.

2. M. Magdalene (q.v.).

3. The wife of Clopas (John 19:25) and mother of James the little, and Joses: Matthew 27:56; Matthew 27:61; Matthew 28:1, Mark 15:40; Mark 15:47; Mark 16:1, Luke 24:10.

4. The sister of Martha and Lazarus: Luke 10:39; Luke 10:42 John 11:1-2; John 11:19 ff. John 12:3.

5. The mother of John Mark: Acts 12:12.

6. A Christian greeted by St. Paul: Romans 16:6

(on the signification of the name, v. Zorell, s.v.; on the use of the alternative forms in NT, DB, iii, 278 bn).†

Abbott-Smith Manual Greek Lexicon of the New Testament.
Copyright © 1922 by G. Abbott-Smith, D.D., D.C.L.. T & T Clarke, London.
Vocabulary of the Greek NT

Μαρία is the Grecized form of Μαριάμ. For the ";singularly intricate and perplexing"; variations between the two forms in the NT see WH Notes.2, p. 163. Josephus prefers what Deissmann (Urgeschichte, p. 22) calls ";die kokettere Gräzisierung"; Μαριάμ (μ)η. Two instances of Μαρία from ostraca are significant in connexion with the Jewish Diaspora in Egypt. The first is Meyer Ostr 33 (Edfu—A.D. 116), a receipt for four drachmae which Μαρία Ἀβιήτου, ";Mary the daughter of Abietas,"; has paid by way of Jewish tax—Ἰουδ (αίων τελέσματος). The second, ib. 56 (Thebes—ii/A.D.) is a statement of the payment of certain artabae of wheat in the name of Vestidia Secunda (?), represented by Pollia Maria the younger— διὰ Πολλία (l. ίας) Μαρία (l. = ίας) νεωτ (l. νεωτέρας) : cf. Deissmann LAE p. 113 f.

With ἡ ἄλλη Μαρία in Matthew 28:1 we may compare the census paper P Petr III. 59 (c) where various names, not duplicated in this document, are followed by ἄλλος or ἄλλη. If only three women arc specified in John 19:25, then two sisters must have borne the same name ";Mary,"; which Westcott (ad l.) regards as a ";most unlikely supposition,"; but it may be noted that in P Petr III. 117 (g)ii. 17f. (Ptol.) mention is made of two brothers both called ΜάνρηςΜ ]άνρης μικρὸς Τέωτος καὶ Μάνρης ἀδελφὸς ὡσαύτως. The probability, however, is that four women are mentioned, of whom the second is Salome. The rare occurrence of Μαρία and other names of Hebrew origin in early Christian epitaphs may be due to ";the dislike for the Jews, and the dread of being taken for Jews"; (C. and B. ii. p. 524).


The Vocabulary of the Greek New Testament.
Copyright © 1914, 1929, 1930 by James Hope Moulton and George Milligan. Hodder and Stoughton, London.
Derivative Copyright © 2015 by Allan Loder.
List of Word Forms
Μαρια Μαρία Μαρίᾳ Μαριαμ Μαριάμ Μαριὰμ Μαριαν Μαρίαν Μαριας Μαρίας Maria María Maríāi Mariam Mariám Mariàm Marian Marían Marias Marías
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