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Strong's #251 - ἅλς

a primary word
Parts of Speech
Noun Masculine
  1. salt
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Verse Results
Liddell-Scott-Jones Definitions


(A), ἁλός [], o(: dat. pl. ἅλασιν (v. infr.):

1. salt, πάσσε δ' ἁλὸς θείοιο Il. 9.214, cf. Od. 17.455; ἁλὸς μέταλλον a salt -mine, Hdt. 4.185; ἁλὸς χόνδροι lumps of rock-salt, ib. 181: sg. also Ar. Ach. 835, Philyll. 28, Axionic. 8: more freq. in pl., Od. 11.123, Hdt. 4.53, al., etc.: prov. phrases: οὐ σύ γ' ἂν.. σῷ ἐπιστάτη οὐδ' ἅλα δοίης Od. 17.455; φῄς μοι πάντα δόμεν· τάχα δ'.. οὐδ' ἅλα δοίης Theoc. 27.61; ἅλας συναναλῶσαι, i.e. to be bound by ties of hospitality, Arist. EN 1156b27; τῶν ἁλῶν συγκατεδηδοκέναι μέδιμνον to have eaten a bushel of salt together, i.e. to be old friends, Com.Adesp. 176; οἱ περὶ ἅλα καὶ κύαμον, of friends, Plu. 2.684e, cf. Arist. EE 1238a3; ὅρκον μέγαν, ἅλας τε καὶ τράπεζαν Archil. 96; ποῦ ἅλες; ποῦ τράπεζαι; D. 19.189; τοὺς ἅλας παραβαίνειν ib.191; τοὺς τῆς πόλεως ἅλας περὶ πλείονος ποιήσασθαι τῆς ξενικῆς τραπέζης Aeschin. 3.224; ἁλῶν δὲ φόρτος ἔνθεν ἦλθεν, ἔνθ' ἔβη 'light come, light go', Zen. 2.20; ἅλασιν ὕει, of great abundance, Suid.

2. in pl. of medical preparations, Dsc. 5.109.

II brine, Call. Fr. 50.


1. ἃ. ἀμμωνιακός rock-salt, PLond. 1.78.90.

2. ἃ. Ἰνδικός sugar, Archig. ap. Paul.Aeg. 2.53. ἅλες, οἱ, metaph., like Lat. sales, wit, possible but unlikely in Pl. Smp. 177b, Colossians 4:6; certain in Plu. 2.854c; ἅλες called "" χάριτες "" ib.685a. (Cf.sq.)


(B), ἁλός [], h((ἁλὸς πολιοῖο Il. 20.229), sea (generally of shallow water near shore), εἰς ἅλα δῖαν Il. 1.141; χεῖρας νιψάμενος πολιῆς ἁλός in sea-water, Od. 2.261; ἢ ἁλὸς ἢ ἐπὶ γῆς 12.27: sts. pleonast. πόντος ἁλός Il. 21.59, Thgn. 10; ἁλὸς πελάγη or πέλαγος, Od. 5.335, h.Ap. 73, E. Tr. 88; πελαγίαν ἅλα A. Pers. 427; παρ' ἁλμυρὰν ἅλα E. Ba. 17; in pl. (with a pun on ἅλς A), Ar. Ach. 760. Poet. word: nom. only Emp. 56. (Cf. Lat. sal: both masc. and fem. are from the same root.)

Abbott-Smith Manual Greek Lexicon of the New Testament

ἅλς , ἁλός , ,

variant for ἅλας G217 (q.v.): Mark 9:49, Rec. WH, mg., R, mg.†

Abbott-Smith Manual Greek Lexicon of the New Testament.
Copyright © 1922 by G. Abbott-Smith, D.D., D.C.L.. T & T Clarke, London.
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άλας αλι αλί άλι ἀλὶ αλός άλσει άλσεσι άλσεων άλση άλσος άλσους αλσώδει αλσώδεις αλσώδη αλσώδους αλσών αλών ali alì
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