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Strong's #1212 - δῆλος

of uncertain derivation
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  1. clear, evident, manifest
Hebrew Equivalent Words:
Strong #: 217 ‑ אוּר (oor);  8537 ‑ תֹּם (tome);  8655 ‑ תְּרָפִים (ter‑aw‑feme');  
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Matthew 1
1 Corinthians 1
Galatians 1
1 Timothy 1
NAS (2)
1 Corinthians 1
Galatians 1
HCS (3)
Matthew 1
1 Corinthians 1
Galatians 1
BSB (3)
Matthew 1
1 Corinthians 1
Galatians 1
ESV (2)
1 Corinthians 1
Galatians 1
WEB (4)
Matthew 1
1 Corinthians 1
Galatians 1
1 Timothy 1
Liddell-Scott-Jones Definitions


Dor. Δᾶλος, ἡ, Delos, Od. 6.162, Pi. Fr. 87, etc.: prov., ᾄδεις ὥσπερ εἰς Δ. πλέων, from the careless joviality of the Δηλιασταί (q. v.), Zen. 2.37. (Expld. from δῆλος, because of the legend that it became visible on a sudden, Arist. Fr. 488, EM 264.22; but cf. sq.)

Thayer's Expanded Definition

δῆλος, δηλη, δῆλον (from Homer down), clear, evident, manifest: Matthew 26:73; δῆλον namely, ἐστιν it is manifest, evident, followed by ὅτι (4 Macc. 2:7; Xenophon, an. 1, 3, 9; others): 1 Corinthians 15:27 (here some would take the words adverbially and parenthetically, i. e. δηλονότι, manifestly, cf. Winer's Grammar, § 64, 2 a.); Galatians 3:11; 1 Timothy 6:7 (here L T Tr WH omit δῆλον). [SYNONYMS: δῆλος, φανερός: δῆλος, evident, what is known and understood, φανερός, manifest, as opposed to what is concealed or invisible; δῆλος points rather to inner perception, φανερός to outward appearance. Cf. Schmidt, chapter 129.]

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Abbott-Smith Manual Greek Lexicon of the New Testament

δῆλος , -η , -ον ,

[in LXX for H217, etc.;]

1. visible.

2. clear to the mind, evident: Matthew 26:73; δ . (sc. ἐστίν ), seq. ὅτι , 1 Corinthians 15:27, Galatians 3:11.†

SYN.: φανερός G5318, with ref. to outward appearance, manifest as opp. to concealed; δ . with ref. to inner perception, evident, known, understood.

Abbott-Smith Manual Greek Lexicon of the New Testament.
Copyright © 1922 by G. Abbott-Smith, D.D., D.C.L.. T & T Clarke, London.
Vocabulary of the Greek NT

CP Herm 6.5, a petition addressed to an Emperor, has in a fragmentary context ]ττ [ω ]μενοι καθ᾽ ἕκαστον τω ̣̑[ν λο ]γ ̣ισ [μ ]ῶν δῆλός ἐστιν ἀριθμὸς καὶ λειτουρ [γιῶν . P Oxy VIII. 1101.12 (A.D. 367–70) ὅτι δὲ κεκώλυται παρὰ τοῖς νόμοις τοῦτο , δῆλον , ";that this is forbidden by the law is clear"; (Ed.). Ib. X. 1264.17 (A.D. 272) πρὸς τὸ πᾶσι δῆλα εἶναι τὰ ὑπόντα μοι . . . δίκαια . P Thead 19.10 (iv/A.D.) ἕρμαιον δηλονότι ἡ [γη ]σαμένι (i.e. -η ) τὸν θάνατον τοῦ πατρός μου . P Flor I. 36.28 (iv/A.D., beginning) ἢ δῆλον ὅτι κιν [δυνεύσι εἰς τὸ ] σὸν ἄχραντον δικα [στ ]ήριον . Ib. III. 367.11 (iii/A.D.) ἀλ ]λὰ δηλονότι πλούτῳ γαυρωθείς κτλ . BGU III. 893.39 (ii/iiiA.D.) ἐγέν ]ε ̣το δὲ δῆλον τότ ̣[ε . . ., ib. 902.15 (A.D. 168–9) ἐξ ὧ ̣ν δῆλ (ον ) γ (ίνεται ) ὀφει ̣λειν κτλ . The word is by no means common : we have quoted almost all the instances we can find in papyri. The adverb appears in P Oxy III. 474.20 (? A.D. 184) εἰ δὲ μὴ δήλως [καὶ ἐμ ]προθέσμως τὰ δέοντα . . . MGr has δηλονότι ";that is to say, viz."; : the combination grows steadily commoner during the Byzantine age.




The Vocabulary of the Greek New Testament.
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List of Word Forms
δήλοις δηλον δήλον δήλόν δῆλον δῆλόν δήλους δήλων delon dêlon dêlón dēlon dē̂lon dē̂lón