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Historical Writings

Today in Christian History

Tuesday, December 9

Deacon Robert Cushman preaches the first recorded sermon on American soil and the first printed there.
Birth of G. Campbell Morgan, English congregational clergyman and Bible expositor. Morgan authored more than 60 Bible commentaries and books of sermons many still be in print.
The Society of Biblical Archaeology was founded in London "for the investigation of the archaeology, history, arts, and chronology of ancient and modern...biblical lands...."
Stanley Smith and C. T. Studd, two of the Cambridge Seven (young men who had renounced fame and fortune to serve with the China Inland Mission), speak at Edinburgh University. The meeting, which they had feared would be a flop, proves a time of great power.
William Henry Sheppard, an African-American missionary to Africa, writes to supporters at home, promising to prove that he merits the trust they have placed in him. Finding little success as a missionary, he explores the Congo and exposes Belgian atrocities.
The Christian and Missionary Alliance in Argentina expels from its ranks Irish missionary James Stewart and some other associates who had adopted Pentecostal practices.
(or November 5) Martyrdom of Orthodox priest Sergius Mechiev who rejected the atheistic and anti-ecclesiastical proclamations of the Soviet government and had to live for years in hiding. He is shot within prison walls.
(or the 10th) Death in California of faith healer Lilian Barbara Yeomans.
Maoist Communists burn a group of Christians to death in a seminary at Xiwanzi, China.
The Sorbonne, one of the most prestigious universities in France, awards missionary-linguist Kenneth Pike an honorary degree.

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