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Today in Christian History

Monday, September 30

Death of Latin Father St. Jerome, ca.75. Converted at 19, Jerome spent the last half of his life rendering the Scriptures into the contemporary ("vulgar") Latin of his day -- hence the "Latin Vulgate" -- as well as preparing commentaries on nearly every book of the Bible.
Death of St. Honorius of Canterbury.
Phillip Doddridge, clergyman and author of the influential book The Rise and Progress of Religion in the Soul sails from Falmouth for a warmer climate in the hope of recovering from consumption. He will die a month later.
English revivalist George Whitefield, 56, died in Newburyport, Mass., while on his seventh visit to America. Regarded as the most striking orator to come out of 18th century English revivalism, Whitefield's last spoken words were: 'I had rather wear out, than rust out.'
Death of Francis Wayland, Baptist preacher and educator, at Providence, Rhode Island.
Death of Johann Jakob Herzog, German Reformed theologian, educator, and a major contributor to The German version of the Schaff-Herzog Encyclopedia of Religious Knowledge.
Pius XII issued the encyclical "Divino Afflante Spiritu," which encouraged Catholic scholars to devote more attention to biblical exegesis in their teachings and writings. One of the long-term effects of this encyclical was the publication in 1970 of the New American Bible.
Billy Graham's "Hour of Decision" first aired over ABC television. Broadcast on Sunday nights 10:00-10:30, the program aired through February 1954, before entering syndication.
The complete Old and New Testament of the Revised Standard Version (RSV) of the Bible was first published by Thomas Nelson and Sons. (The RSV New Testament had first appeared in 1946.)
Death of Elsie Singmaster, an award-winning and internationally renowned Lutheran novelist and historical writer, whose books featured Pennsylvanian Germans.
Death of Moses Okesiji, a prominent Baptist pastor in Nigeria who had been associated with many efforts in behalf of his church and his people.
A Muslim mob ravages the St. George Coptic Church in Edfu, Egypt. Islamic officials and local media put the blame on Christians.
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