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Today in Christian History

Sunday, July 17

The Council of Ephesus adjourned. This third of the 21 ecumenical councils of theChurch condemned Nestorianism and Pelagianism, and defined Mary's title as 'theotokos'('Bearer of God').
During the Fourth Crusade, a two-pronged Venetian and French assault captures the towers of Constantinople. The usurper Alexius III flees the city.
Charles VII of France is crowned at Rheims, largely as a result of the inspiring efforts of Joan of Arc.
Twenty-one-year-old future church reformer, Martin Luther entered the Augustinianmonastic order, at Erfurt, Germany.
Death of William White, American patriarch of the Episcopalians. It was White who coined the name ‘Protestant Episcopal' for the American church when it separated from the Church of England.
Confirmation of sixteen-year-old Frances Havergal in Worcester Cathedral. She becomes a notable hymnwriter, author of "Take My Life and Let it Be" among many others.
Ying Lianzhi, a Catholic convert in Nanjing, publishes the first issue of a newspaper called Da Gong Bao that will deal with such controversial issues as missionary attitudes toward the Chinese. He will also become a co-fonder of Fu Jen University.
New Tribes Mission was organized by founder Paul W. Fleming. Thisinterdenominational missions agency supports over 1,000 staff members in countries aroundthe world.
Abraham of Travancore becomes metropolitan of the Mar Thoma Church of India, sometimes called the "Syrian" church.
Death of Evangeline Cory Booth, Salvation Army general. The daughter of founder William Booth, Evangeline had supervised the field operations of the Army in Great Britain, Canada, and Alaska. In 1904 she had been promoted to head the American branch of the denomination. Among her contributions was authorship of many popular Salvation Army hymns.

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