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Historical Writings

Today in Christian History

Sunday, May 11

Death of Johann Arndt, 65, German Lutheran theologian. Called the precursor of Pietism, Arndt was the greatest name in the history of German mysticism after Thomas a Kempis.
Cossacks murder Joseph, first metropolitan of Astrakhan, torturing him on a bed of coals in an effort to compel him to denounce a letter of excommunication as a forgery. He refuses to yield and is finally thrown from the city wall to his death.
The General Court of Massachusetts repealed two laws which had been passed two years earlier: one forbade the keeping of Christmas, and the second mandated capital punishment for Quakers who returned to the colony after being banished.
At Wigton, Scotland, two Covenanter women named Margaret are cruelly tortured and drowned.
St. Regis Seminary was opened in Florissant, Missouri. It was the first Roman Catholic institution established in America for the higher education of American Indians.
The American Tract Society, the first national tract league in America, was formed in NY City by the merger of 50 smaller societies.
The Woman's Missionary Union, Auxiliary to the Southern Baptist Convention, had its inception in Richmond, Virginia, when delegates from 15 states met to form a general women's organization within the denomination.
Death of Huang Su'e (Mrs. Francis Lister Hawks Pott), notable for her work as a missionary, promotion and oversight of women's education, establishment of an orphanage for neglected girl babies, and other zealous Christian activities.
J. R. R.Tolkien and C. S. Lewis have their first long chat. Five years afterward, Lewis converts to Christ. Later the two men, with a group of friends and colleagues, will become members of the Inklings, a predominantly Christian group at Oxford.
Death of Jim Broomhall who had served the Yi (Nosu) people of China as a medical missionary and when expelled by the Communists had worked in the Philippines.
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