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Historical Writings

Today in Christian History

Friday, February 3

(traditional date) Death in Germany of Anskar, an early English or Irish missionary who had tried repeatedly to evangelize Scandinavia.
Death in Mainz, Germany, of Johannes Gutenberg, a developer of movable type, which will become a powerful factor in the spread of the Protestant Reformation.
Pope Leo X imposed silence on the Augustinian monks.
John Wesley arrives in London, having fled the colony of Georgia, where his ministry had been a serious failure.
Colonial missionary to the American Indians David Brainerd explained in a tract: 'God designs that those whom He sanctifies...shall tarry awhile in this present evil world, that their own experience of temptations may teach them how great the deliverance is, which God has wrought for them.'
Richard Johnson, first Christian cleric appointed to Australia, preaches his first sermon in that country.
Death in Trowbridge, Wiltshire, England, of George Crabbe, a Church of England vicar and notable poet.
Desmond Tutu of South Africa becomes Johannesburg's first black Anglican bishop.
Execution in Texas of Karla Faye Tucker, a murderess, who converted to Christianity on death row and died praising Jesus. Movies and documentaries will be made about her life.
The Islamic city council of Demre, Turkey (formerly the Christian city, Myra), votes to replace the town's traditional bronze statue of St. Nicholas of Myra with an effigy of a fat man with a red fur suit.

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