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Alber`tus Magnus
one of the greatest of the scholastic philosophers and theologians of the middle ages, teacher of thomas aquinas, supreme in knowledge of the arts and sciences of the time, and regarded by his contemporaries in consequence as a sorcerer (1190-1280).
Alexander III.
pope, successor to adrian iv., an able man, whose election barbarossa at first opposed, but finally assented to; took the part of thomas à becket against henry ii. and canonised him, as also st. bernard. pope from 1159 to 1181.
Angelic Doctor
thomas aquinas.
Anstruther, East and West
two contiguous royal burghs on the fife coast, the former the birthplace of tennant the poet, thomas chalmers, and john goodsir the anatomist.
Arnold, Matthew
Poet and critic, eldest son of Thomas Arnold of Rugby; professor of Poetry in Oxford from 1857 to 1867; inspector of schools for 35 years from 1851;
Ashburton, William Bingham Baring
son of the preceding, "a very worthy man," an admirer, and his wife, lady harriet, still more, of thomas carlyle (1797-1844).
a town in dep. of manche, normandy; the place, the spot marked by a stone, where henry ii. received absolution for the murder of thomas à becket; lace-making the staple industry, and trade in agricultural products.
Bach, Johann Sebastian
One of the greatest of musical composers, born in Eisenach, of a family of Hungarian origin, noted—sixty of them—for musical genius; was
Barham, Richard Harris
his literary name thomas ingoldsby, born at canterbury, minor canon of st. paul's; friend of sidney smith; author of "ingoldsby legends," published originally as a series of papers in bentley's miscellany (1788-1879).
Bodleian Library
the university library of oxford, founded, or rather restored, by sir thomas bodley in 1593; enlarged from time to time by bequests, often munificent. it possesses 400,000 printed volumes and 30,000 mss.
Bombastes Furioso
an opera by thomas rhodes in ridicule of the bombastic style of certain tragedies in vogue.
Bramhall, John
archbishop of armagh, born in yorkshire, a high-handed churchman and imitator of laud; was foolhardy enough once to engage, nowise to his credit, in public debate with such a dialectician as thomas hobbes on the questions of necessity and free-will (1594-1663).
Buller, Charles
a politician, born in calcutta, pupil of thomas carlyle; entered parliament at 24, a liberal in politics; held distinguished state appointments; died in his prime, universally beloved and respected (1806-1848).
Burdett, Sir Francis
A popular member of Parliament, married Sophia, the youngest daughter of Thomas Coutts, a wealthy London banker, and acquired through her a large fortune;
Burdett-Coutts, the Right Honourable Angela Georgina, Baroness
Daughter of Sir Francis, inherited the wealth of Thomas Coutts, her grandfather, which she has devoted to all manner of philanthropic as well as patriotic
In E. Kent, on the Stour, by rail 62 m. SE. of London; is the ecclesiastical capital of England; the cathedral was founded A.D. 597 by St. Augustin;
Canterbury Tales
A body of tales by Chaucer, conceived of as related by a small company of pilgrims from London to the shrine of Thomas à Becket at Canterbury.
a western suburb of london, on the n. of the thames; famous for its hospital for old and disabled soldiers, and the place of residence of sundry literary celebrities, among others sir thomas more, swift, steele, and carlyle.
City of the Sun
baalbek (q. v .); and a work by campanella, describing an ideal republic, after the manner of plato and sir thomas more.
the name of several english naval officers of the dundonald family; b>sir thomas john , his son (1798-1872); and ee dundonald .
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