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Acre, St. Jean D'
a strong place and seaport in syria, at the foot of mount carmel, taken, at an enormous sacrifice of life, by philip augustus and richard coeur de lion in 1191, held out against bonaparte in 1799; its ancient name ptolemaïs.
Agnes de Méranie
the second wife of philip augustus by a marriage in 1193, declared null by the church, who, being dismissed in consequence, died broken-hearted in 1201.
an italian of humble birth, became a cardinal of the church and prime minister to philip v. of spain, wrought hard to restore spain to its ancient grandeur, was defeated in his project by the quadruple alliance of england, france, austria, and holland, and obliged to retire (1664-1752).
Alexander the Great
The king of Macedonia, son of Philip by Olympias, daughter of Neoptolemus, king of Epirus; born at Pella, 356 B.C.; had the philosopher Aristotle for
Alva, Duke of
A general of the armies of Charles V. and Philip of Spain; his career as a general was uniformly successful, but as a governor his cruelty was merciless,
an ancient province in the n. of france, annexed to the crown of france under louis xi. in 1480; belonged to england till wrested from king john by philip augustus in 1203.
Anne of Austria
the daughter of philip iii. of spain, wife of louis xiii., and mother of louis xiv., became regent on the death of her husband, with cardinal mazarin for minister; during the minority of her son, triumphed over the fronde; retired to a convent on the death of mazarin (1610-1666).
native of sicyon, in greece, promoter of the achæan league, in which he was thwarted by philip of macedon, was poisoned, it is said, by his order (271-213 b.c.); also a greek poet, author of two didactic poems, born in cilicia, quoted by st paul in acts xvii. 28.
Named the Invincible, an armament fitted out in 1588 by Philip II. of Spain against England, consisting of 130 war-vessels, mounted with 2430 cannon,
A native of Stagira, in Thrace, and hence named the Stagirite; deprived of his parents while yet a youth; came in his 17th year to Athens, remained in
Of Amphipolis, an archer who offered his services to Philip of Macedon, boasting of his skill in bringing down birds on the wing, and to whom Philip
the name of three kings of pergamos: ounded the library of pergamos and joined the romans against philip and the achæans (241-197 b.c.); ept up the league with rome (157-137); equeathed his wealth to the roman people (137-132).
The name of nine Popes. ope from 418 to 422, assumed the title of First Bishop of Christendom; ope from 530 to 532; ope for 10 months, from 607
A family of French origin, hailing from Bourbonnais, members of which occupied for generations the thrones of France, Naples, and Spain, and who severally
Bruno, Giordano
A bold and fervid original thinker, born at Nola, in Italy; a Dominican monk, quitted his monastery, in fact, was for heterodoxy obliged to flee from
Carlos, Don
Son of Philip II. of Spain, born at Valladolid, and heir to the throne, but from incapacity, or worse, excluded by his father from all share in the government;
King of Macedonia, passed over in the succession by his father Antipater; allied himself with the Greek cities; invaded Macedonia and ascended the throne;
Charles IV., the Fair
third son of philip the fair, king of france from 1322 to 1328; lost to france guienne, which was taken from him by the english; was the last of the capetians; d . 1328.
Charles of Valois
third son of philip the bold, one of the greatest captains of his age (1270-1324).
Charles the Rash
Last Duke of Burgundy, son of Philip the Good, born at Dijon; enemy of Louis XI. of France, his feudal superior; was ambitious to free the duchy from
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