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the capital of upper franconia, in bavaria, with a large theatre erected by the king for the performance of wagner's musical compositions, and with a monument, simple but massive, as was fit, to the memory of jean paul, who died there.
Huguenots of the Cévennes, who took up arms by thousands in serious revolt against Louis XIV., in which others joined, under Jean Cavalier their
Clootz, Anacharsis
Baron Jean Baptiste de Clootz, a French Revolutionary, born at Clèves; "world-citizen"; his faith that "a world federation is possible, under
Coquerel, Athanase (2)
a protestant pastor, son of preceding, born at amsterdam; celebrated for his liberal and tolerant views, too much so for m. guizot; edited voltaire's letters on toleration; his chief work, "jean calas et sa famille" (1820-1875).
german publisher, born at stuttgart; established in tübingen; published the works of goethe, schiller, jean paul, herder, and others of note among their contemporaries (1764-1832).
Divine Doctor
jean de ruysbroek, the mystic (1294-1381).
the name of a swiss family of mechanicians, one of them, jean pierre, an engraver of medals (1746-1833); also of a french moralist and historian, author of "history of louis xvi." (1773-1850).
Ecstatic Doctor
jean ruysbroek, a schoolman given to mysticism (1294-1381).
A reformed brotherhood of Cistercian monks, founded in 1577 by Jean de la Barrière, abbot of the Cistercian monastery at Feuillans, in Languedoc.
Flodden, Battle of
Fought on Flodden Hill, a low spur of the Cheviots, 6 m. S. of Coldstream, between James IV. of Scotland and the English under the Earl of Surrey on
Förster, Ernst
an art critic, brother of succeeding, author of a number of elaborate and important works bearing on the history of art in germany and italy; was the son-in-law of jean paul, whose works he edited, and to whose biography he made contributions of great value (1800-1885).
a town of bavaria, on the saale, 40 m. ne. of baireuth; has flourishing textile factories, breweries, and iron-works; is associated with the early struggles of jean paul richter.
the title of a book by jean paul on the education of children; title from the name of a roman goddess, the protectress of foundlings.
The name given by Origen to the first five books of the Bible, which the Jews call the Law or Five-fifths of the Law, the composition of which has of