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Agua`do, A.M.
an enormously wealthy banker of spanish-jewish descent, born in seville, and naturalised in france (1784-1842).
Alfonso X.
The Wise, or the Astronomer, king of Castile and Leon, celebrated as an astronomer and a philosopher; after various successes over the Moors, first one
Beaumar`chais, Pierre Augustin Caron de
A dramatist and pleader of the most versatile, brilliant gifts, and French to the core, born in Paris, son of a watchmaker at Caen; ranks as a comic
a city on the paraná, in the argentine; also a town in andalusia, spain, on the right bank of the guadalquivir, in a province of the name, 80 m. ne. of seville; once a moorish capital, and famous for its manufacture of goat leather; has a cathedral, once a magnificent mosque.
Don Juan
The member of a distinguished family of Seville, who seduces the daughter of a noble, and when confronted by her father stabs him to death in a duel;
a name given by the french dramatist beaumarchais to a cunning and intriguing barber who figures in his "barbier de seville" and his "mariage de figaro," and who has since become the type of all such characters. the name has been adopted by various journals in england and in france.
Friar John
a friar of seville, in rabelais' "pantagruel," notorious for his irreverence in the discharge of his religious duties and for his lewd, lusty ways.
Garcia, Manuel
A noted singer and composer, born at Seville; in 1808 he went to Paris with a reputation already gained at Madrid and Cadiz; till 1824 he was of high
The last of the ancient Moorish kingdoms to be conquered in Spain, in the SE. of Andalusia, fronting the Mediterranean, now divided into Granada, Almeria,
the most important river of spain, rises in the sierra de cazorla, in the southern province of jaen, and flows in a sw. direction through andalusia, passing cordova and seville, to which town it is navigable for steamers; after a course of 374 m. it discharges into the gulf of cadiz at san lucar de barrameda.
Herrera, Fernando de
spanish poet, born at seville, and took orders; in his lifetime his lyrics enjoyed a wide popularity, and won for him the epithet "divine"; his "battle of lepanto" is a spirited ode, and many of his other works, including a prose history of the "war in cyprus," are still read (1534-1597).
Herrera, Francisco
A distinguished Spanish painter, founder of the Seville school, born at Seville; his finest paintings include "The Last Judgment" and a "Holy Family,"
a thriving seaport in spain, 68 m. sw. of seville, between the mouths of the odiel and tinto; fisheries and the exportation of copper, manganese, quicksilver, and wine are the chief industries.
Isodorian Decretals
a body of ecclesiastical decretals imposed upon the church under the name of isodore of seville (q. v .).
Las Casas, Bartholomé de
A celebrated Spanish priest, surnamed the Apostle of the Indians, born at Seville; visited the West Indies early under Columbus; took a deep interest
A general term for tribes in North Africa descended from Arab and Berber stock; they were Christians for several centuries, but on their conquest by
A celebrated Spanish painter, born at Seville; his subjects were drawn partly from low life and partly from religious or scripture themes, such as the
Rossini, Gioacchino
Celebrated Italian composer of operatic music, born at Pesaro; his operas were numerous, of a high order, and received with unbounded applause, beginning
A kingdom of South-West Europe, which with Portugal (less than one-fifth the size of Spain) occupies the entire Iberian Peninsula, and is divided from
Velasquez, Diego de Silva
Greatest of Spanish painters, born at Seville, of Portuguese family; studied under Francisco Herrera (q. v .), who taught him to teach himself, so that
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