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Proclamation of the Law

  1. Date .
    1. It was (2083) two thousand and eighty-three years from the creation of Adam to the death of Terah or Abram's entrance into Canaan (Genesis 5:3-32; Genesis 7:6; Genesis 11:10-32; Genesis 12:1-4; Acts 7:1-4 ),
    2. and it was (430) four hundred and thirty years from these events to the exodus (Exodus 12:40,41; Galatians 3:17 ).
    3. It was (50) fifty days from the exodus to to proclamation of the law (Exodus 12:37; Exodus 16:1,2; Exodus 19:1-25; Exodus 20:1-17; Numbers 33:3 ).

  2. The Ten Commandments . These commandments were proclaimed by the Lord, in person, from Mount Sinai (Exodus 19:1-25; Exodus 20:1-17; Hebrews 12:18-20 ). They,
    1. required strict submission to the one true and living God;
    2. prohibited idolatry in all forms;
    3. prohibited the taking of the name of the Lord in vain;
    4. required the keeping of the Sabbath;
    5. required the people to honor their parents;
    6. prohibited murder;
    7. prohibited adultery;
    8. prohibited stealing;
    9. prohibited the bearing of false witness;
    10. and prohibited covetousness (Exodus 20:1-17 ).

    These commandments were subsequently given to Moses on tables of stone In order that he might teach them to the people ( Exodus 24:12 ), and preserve them (Exodus 31:18 ). These tables were deposited in the ark of the Lord for safekeeping (Deuteronomy 10:1-5; Hebrews 9:4 ). These commandments were called

    1. "the words of the covenant," because they constituted the basis of the covenant between the Lord and his people (Exodus 20:1-17; Exodus 34:28 );
    2. "the testimony," because they constantly testified to the fact that the Lord had spoken to them (Exodus 20:1-17; Exodus 25:16 );
    3. "the tables of the covenant," because the words of the covenant were written upon them by the finger of God (Exodus 31:18; Exodus 32:15,16; Deuteronomy 9:7-11 ).

  3. Laws Given Previously . The law proclaimed by Jehovah from Mount Sinai was the first law that was ever given for a whole nation. Laws had previously been given to individuals only:
    1. the law prohibiting the use of the fruit of the three of life (Genesis 2:16,17 );
    2. the law of marriage (Genesis 2:24 );
    3. the law of sacrifice (Genesis 4:1-7; Hebrews 11:4 );
    4. the law against eating blood, and murder (Genesis 9:4-6 );
    5. and the law of circumcision (Genesis 17:1-14 ).

    Two reasons are given for the keeping of the sabbath day:

    1. the resting of the Lord on the seventh day;
    2. the deliverance of the Hebrews from bondage (Exodus 20:8-11; Deuteronomy 5:12-15 ).

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Johnson, Ashley S. Entry for 'Proclamation of the Law'. Condensed Biblical Cyclopedia. 1896.

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