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(ehl-hay' nan) Personal name meaning, “God is gracious.” The Bethlehemite who slew the brother of Goliath (2 Samuel 21:19 ). The Hebrew text, however, does not contain the words “the brother of.” It states that El-hanan killed Goliath. 1 Chronicles 20:5 does indicate that El-hanan killed Lahmi, the brother of Goliath. A further variation in the texts from 2Samuel and 1Chronicles lies in the name of El-hanan's father: in 2 Samuel 21:19 it is Jaare-oregim; in 1 Chronicles 20:5 , Jair. The proper reconciliation of these two passages, along with their relationship to 1 Samuel 17:1 (according to which Goliath was slain by David), constitutes one of the Old Testament's more baffling puzzles. See David .

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