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Charles Spurgeon's "Morning & Evening"
Devotional: October 8th

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“If ye love Me, keep My commandments.”

John 14:15-31

We were obliged to pause in the middle of that delightful chapter, the fourteenth of John; let us now read the concluding portion of it: John 14:15-31.

John 14:15

It becomes us to take note of this short text. True love to Jesus always shows itself by obedience, all other love is only a thing of the lips, and betrays a hypocritical heart. Are we daily giving proof of our love to Jesus by doing as he has bidden us?

John 14:18

comfortless or orphans

John 14:22

The Holy Spirit is careful to preserve the name of the gracious Jude from being confused with that of the traitor. Our characters are safe in his keeping. Jude asked a very proper question. How is it that the Lord reveals himself to us and not to others? Often when overwhelmed with a sense of the Lord’s love to us, we have been ready to ask the same question, and say “Why me, Lord? why me?”

John 14:23

Here is the reason for special manifestation, namely, special and mutual love. The Father and the Son love to abide where they are welcomed by humble and affectionate hearts, for these are habitations which they have themselves prepared for their own indwelling.

John 14:25 , John 14:26

Value the Holy Spirit therefore, and give ear to his teaching at all times.

John 14:27

He was close upon his own sufferings, yet his main anxiety was to cheer the hearts of the dear ones he was about to leave; he had not one selfish thought.

John 14:31

With unfaltering footsteps he advanced to his agony: he did not wait to be seized, he was a willing victim and went forward to take up his cross.

Jesus is gone up on high;

But his promise still is here,

“I will all your wants supply;

I will send the Comforter.”

Let us now his promise plead,

Let us to his throne draw nigh;

Jesus knows his people’s need,

Jesus hears his people’s cry.

Send us, Lord, the Comforter,

Pledge and witness of thy love;

Dwelling with thy people here,

Leading them to joys above.


“He shall give you another Comforter.”

John 16:1-15

Our reading is taken from our Lord’s parting discourse, which is full of every precious thing, a mine of wealth, a treasure-house of gems.

John 16:3

Fully has this warning been verified: the blood of martyrs has flowed in rivers, yet the Church has not been offended with her Lord. He is so glorious that she follows him even to prison and to death.

John 16:4

And therefore they were safe at his side; now he was about to leave them and they would need to be doubly on their guard.

John 16:6

They were too bowed down with grief at what he had told them to be able to make any more enquiries. It is an evil connected with excessive sorrow that it often closes the eyes to facts which are full of consolation.

John 16:7

If Jesus were here in one place we could not all reach him, and for this reason the presence of the Holy Spirit is more valuable than the bodily presence of the Redeemer would be. The Comforter can be in all the assemblies of the saints at the same time, and can teach at one moment all the disciples of the Lord; he can prompt prayers and inspire praises in myriads of souls at once, and apply the word with power to millions of hearts at the same instant. The glory of the church is the abiding power of the Holy Ghost, comforting the church and convincing the world.

John 16:8 , John 16:9

The most heinous of all sins, for it reveals the deep enmity of the heart to God. Men are enemies to God indeed, since they will sooner perish than be saved in God’s way.

John 16:10

By God’s raising him from the dead and receiving him into glory the perfection and acceptance of the righteousness of Jesus were proved.

John 16:11

The life, death, and teachings of Jesus pronounce the clearest judgment upon the powers of evil and their unfruitful works.

John 16:12

Ye are not yet baptized with the Spirit, and are not able to grasp the higher mysteries.

John 16:15

May the Holy Spirit reveal to us the person, work, and love of Jesus. He can teach the dullest scholar. His teachings all tend to glorify Jesus; they are no novelties, but the doctrines of Jesus laid home to the heart. Most blessed Spirit, teach thou each one of us!

The Holy Ghost is here,

Where saints in prayer agree,

As Jesu’s parting gift he’s near

Each pleading company.

He dwells within our soul,

An ever welcome Guest;

He reigns with absolute control,

As Monarch in the breast.

Our bodies are his shrine,

And he th’ indwelling Lord;

All hail, thou Comforter divine!

Be evermore adored!

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