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Daily Devotionals

Charles Spurgeon's "Morning & Evening"

Devotional: May 23rd


“Give therefore Thy servant an understanding heart.”

1 Kings 3:1 , 1 Kings 3:3-15

We will now pursue the path of history, and enter upon the reign of Solomon.

1 Kings 3:1

A questionable beginning, a step full of danger.

1 Kings 3:3

This was contrary to express precept, yet the Lord dealt not severely with Solomon, for he saw that his heart was right before him.

1 Kings 3:5

Solomon worships God by day God appears to Solomon by night. The night cannot but be happy when the day has been holy. The king had offered unto God a thousand burnt-sacrifices, and now the Lord rewards him in godlike fashion by giving him his option. “Ask what I shall give thee!” Nor is God less generous to each one of us under the gospel, for Jesus has said, “Whatsoever ye shall ask the Father in my name, he will give it you.”

1 Kings 3:6-8

It was a wise choice to choose wisdom: young Solomon was already wise when he thus asked of the Lord. He did not ask for grace, which would have been the best gift of all, but he chose the second best, and his reason’s for the choice were in the highest degree praiseworthy. He must have often thought upon this matter while awake, or he would not have come to so excellent a decision in his sleep.

1 Kings 3:13

The greater includes the less. Wisdom brings wealth and honour: let us seek the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and then all these things shall be added unto us. Christ Jesus, who is infinite wisdom, is the choice of every believer.

1 Kings 3:14 , 1 Kings 3:15

Gratitude led him to present his sacrifices in the right place. Our love to God should always lead us to a growing attention to his commands. There was now a noble career open before Solomon, and for many years he pursued it most commendably. Those who begin life by seeking wisdom may expect prosperity.

My God, my soul hath one desire,

I seek for wisdom still,

Let Jesus be mine all in all,

And I’ll obey thy will.


“The Lord reigneth: let the earth rejoice.”

1 Kings 4:22-34

Solomon by his wisdom brought great prosperity to his tuition, and made the country the centre of trade and commerce. His royal establishment was conducted upon the most sumptuous scale.

1 Kings 4:22 , 1 Kings 4:23

But what is this compared with the provision which loads the table of the King of kings, by whose bounty all the saints are fed?

1 Kings 4:25

So, too, where Jesus rules peace reigns undisturbed.

1 Kings 4:26

This was a forbidden luxury, for the Hebrew kings were commanded not to multiply horses. In this Solomon erred.

1 Kings 4:27-34

See how well the Lord fulfilled his promise. He gave him wisdom in no stinted measure.

1 Kings 10:14 , 1 Kings 10:15 , 1 Kings 10:18-23

1 Kings 10:14 , 1 Kings 10:15

He built stations for the caravans, and received a toll of the merchants, besides gaining great wealth by purchasing the produce of the East, and selling it to the Western nations.

1 Kings 10:18-20

But how much mere glorious will be the throne of our Lord in the day of his appearing!

1 Kings 10:21-23

Thus again the promise was fulfilled, and wealth followed wisdom. Who would not trust so faithful a God?

Behold your King, your Saviour crown’d

With glories all divine;

And tell the wondering nations round

How bright those glories shine.

Infinite power and boundless grace

In him unite their rays;

You, that have e’er beheld his face,

Can you forbear his praise?

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