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Daily Devotionals

Golden Treasury

Devotional: November 30th

Be not overcome of evil, but overcome evil with good. Romans 12:21. For, who is he that will harm you, if ye he followers of that which is good. 1 Peter 3:13. There is none, for it is twice said. All is yours. 1 Corinthians 3:21-22.

But what is mine must be serviceable and useful to me. Romans 8:18. We are told that all things, consequently the very devils, with their whole armour, work together for our good, to make us more victorious and religious; and having so many assistants, we must at last be good indeed. For whatever will hurt us if we take the right course, must rather serve for a sword of defence in the hand of faith. For instance, if any thing contrary happens to you, do not look upon it, but directly upon God himself, as if you had to do with him alone. Therefore take it patiently from his hands, for your trial and humbling, then you have a blessing directly. If you meet with strong temptations by the great corruptions from within and without, let them make you only so much more wise and careful as to think, because there are dangerous enemies, I must watch and use all possible violence. And though it is right and needful to despair of thy own sufficiency and strength; yet, if you keep and only press so much closer to Christ in prayer and faith, like a child to its mother, when it sees a devouring beast running upon it, all the evil will certainly turn to your good. Luther says, very well, " Every thing of a sheep of Christ, is of some use, even its dung (sin) not excepted."

How glorious, Lord, thy wisdom shines,
And baffles Satan’s deep designs,
Thy power is sovereign to fulfil
The noblest counsels of thy will.

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