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Bible Commentaries

Coke's Commentary on the Holy Bible


- Luke

by Thomas Coke


SAINT LUKE is generally thought to have been a physician by profession, Col 4:14 and is supposed to have been one of the seventy disciples. He was the constant companion of St. Paul in his travels, and assisted him at Rome for some time, as appears from Acts 28:13-16. Col 4:14 and Philippians 1:24. From thence he is said to have travelled into Africa, and to have preached the Gospel at Thebes in Egypt. The ancients in general agree, that Saint Luke wrote his gospel later than Saint Matthew and Saint Mark, though they assign different years; but the most current opinion is, that he wrote it about the year 63; and according to the subscription of the Syriac version, it was published at Alexandria in Egypt. Dr. Owen, however, is of opinion, that Saint Luke wrote his gospel at Corinth, about the year of our Lord 53, for the use of the Gentile converts. And Dr. Macknight conjectures, that it may be fairly inferred from Saint Luke's preface, that he published his gospel before either Saint Matthew or Saint Mark wrote theirs.