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Exodus 39

Coke's Commentary on the Holy BibleCoke's Commentary



The high-priest's garments are made: all the works, being finished are brought by the artificers to Moses, who blesseth them.

Before Christ 1490.

Verse 3

Exodus 39:3. And they did beat the gold into thin plates, and cut it into wires Bishop Patrick observes, that, as they had not then the art which we now have, of drawing a piece of gold into threads of what length we please, they used to beat it first into thin plates, and then to cut off small wires, which they used in the business of embroidery.

Verse 43

Exodus 39:43. And Moses blessed them The work being completely finished, Exo 39:32 was brought for the inspection of Moses; who, finding that the artists had done all agreeably to the commandment of God, gave them his solemn benediction; for, that it was the artists whom he blessed, and not the work itself, is plain from the words immediately preceding, as the Lord commanded them, so had THEY done: and Moses blessed them. If it be asked, How much time was employed in this important work? We answer, that the Israelites took about two months to come from the Red-sea to the foot of mount Sinai. We afterwards find that Moses spent twice forty days upon the mountain: this then brings it to near five months; and less than a month can hardly be allowed to the other events related in this book of Exodus. The people, therefore, could not have taken in hand the work of the tabernacle, till about six months after their departure from Egypt. Now, it is expressly said in the following chapter, that the tabernacle was reared on the first day of the second year after that departure; so that they were about six months in constructing it.

REFLECTIONS.—1. The whole is completely finished. The time was short, but the workmen were hearty and unanimous; and much may be done in little time, when we set about it with a good will. It is want of unanimity among the builders, and want of zeal in the labourers, that makes church-work so slow.

2. They bring the several pieces to Moses, and he approves of them, as exactly corresponding to the pattern shewed them. God, who gave the model, has added the wisdom to copy it. Note; If we be enabled to walk so as to please God, we must ascribe it to the praise of the glory of his grace, who worketh in us both to will and to do.

3. Moses in the name of God blesses them: and this was sufficient wages. They had been working for God: the enjoyment of his presence in the tabernacle would amply recompense their toil. Note; No work of faith, or labour of love, shall lose its reward. When we appear in the presence of Jesus our Judge, he will pronounce the blessing upon his servants, and admit them into the everlasting joy of their Lord.

Bibliographical Information
Coke, Thomas. "Commentary on Exodus 39". Coke's Commentary on the Holy Bible. https://studylight.org/commentaries/eng/tcc/exodus-39.html. 1801-1803.
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