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Bible Commentaries
1 Chronicles 5

Coke's Commentary on the Holy BibleCoke's Commentary

Verse 2

1 Chronicles 5:2. Of him came the chief ruler The reader will observe, that there is nothing for came in the original. There can be no doubt that the sacred writer here refers to Jacob's prophesy in Genesis 49:10. See the note on that place. The Syriac renders it, Christ the king; and the Arabic, Messiah the king.

Verse 26

1 Chronicles 5:26. Unto this day And there they were unto this day. Houbigant.

REFLECTIONS.—The half tribe of Manasseh is here mentioned, who with Reuben and Gad living together, separate from their brethren, by the river Jordan, were particularly associated together both in their victories and their captivity.

1. With an army of 44,760 chosen men, they invaded the Hagarites, and, trusting more in the blessing of God than the sword and spear, they prayed as they fought, and God gave them a distinguished victory with immense spoils, and enlarged their borders with the extensive country of their vanquished enemies; for the war was of God, undertaken at his command, and prosecuted under his blessing. Note; (1.) When we cry to God, then shall our spiritual enemies be put to flight. (2.) Every success should be gratefully ascribed, not to the arm of flesh, but to the help of God.

2. By the king of Assyria they were led away captive together, as the just punishment of their revolt from God's worship and service, and their ungrateful returns of the divine mercy. God first stirred up one king to chastise them; and, when they were incorrigible, another to destroy them; and from their captivity they never returned. Note; Incorrigible offenders, who are cut off in their sins, perish in them for ever. When death has seized the impenitent, there is no more hope.

Bibliographical Information
Coke, Thomas. "Commentary on 1 Chronicles 5". Coke's Commentary on the Holy Bible. https://studylight.org/commentaries/eng/tcc/1-chronicles-5.html. 1801-1803.
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