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Bible Commentaries
Exodus 38

Poole's English Annotations on the Holy BiblePoole's Annotations



The altar of burn offering, with its furniture Exodus 38:1-7, laver of brass, Exodus 38:8.

The court, and the hangings thereof, Exodus 38:9-20.

Bezaleel and Aholiab make all ready, Exodus 38:22,Exodus 38:23.

The sums of what the people offered, Exodus 38:24-31.

Verse 8

Looking-glasses, as now they are sometimes made of polished steel, so anciently were made of polished brass, as appears both from sacred and from profane writers. See Job 37:18; Philippians 3:9, &c. The words following seem to note a company of religious women, who in a more peculiar manner devoted themselves to the service of God in or about his tabernacle, by fasting, prayer, &c. See 1 Samuel 2:22; Luke 2:37. And whereas some object that the tabernacle was not yet built, it may be replied, either that this is to be understood of the tabernacle spoken of Exodus 33:7, which might serve for that purpose till this was built; or that here is a prolepsis or anticipation, and that he speaks not of what the women now did, but of what they did after the tabernacle was built, which was before Moses writ these words.

Verse 10

Upon the hooks they hanged the beasts to be sacrificed, as the Jews affirm.

Verse 18

The height relates to its standing or hanging upright, and the

breadth relates to the hanging itself, and the height of the hanging was taken in the breadth.

Verse 21

This doth not belong to the following account of gold and silver, but to the foregoing particulars of holy things relating to the tabernacle, for these only were committed to the care of the Levites, as it here follows, but this gold and silver was put into other hands.

For the service of the Levites, i.e. for those holy uses and services which the Levites administered.

Verse 24

Every talent contained three thousand shekels. See Genesis 23:15; Exodus 30:13. It is not said that all this gold and following silver were used about the building of the tabernacle, for the people brought much more than enough, Exodus 36:5. And these remains, it is probable, were put into the sacred treasury, to be used as occasion should require.

Bibliographical Information
Poole, Matthew, "Commentary on Exodus 38". Poole's English Annotations on the Holy Bible. https://studylight.org/commentaries/eng/mpc/exodus-38.html. 1685.
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