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Kretzmann's Popular Commentary of the Bible

2 John

- 2 John

by Paul E. Kretzmann

The Second General Epistle of John

This is a private letter of the Apostle John addressed "to the elect lady and her children," probably members of one of the congregations in Asia Minor. It may be that the word which is translated "lady" is a proper noun and should be retained as Kuria. John, calling himself an elder or presbyter, just as Peter did, 1 Peter 5:1, expresses his joy that the addressee and her children are known for their consistent Christian conduct. He beseeches her to walk in accordance with God's commandments, loving God and her fellow-Christians, warns against false teachers who deny the mystery of godliness, and announces an early visit. The entire letter breathes the spirit of brotherly intimacy and affection which characterized the relation among the early Christians.