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Bible Commentaries

Sutcliffe's Commentary on the Old and New Testaments

2 Thessalonians

- 2 Thessalonians

by Joseph Sutcliffe


THIS second epistle is thought to have been written in the course of a year after the first, and about twenty one years after our Saviour’s ascension. The infant church, at that time under deep affliction, needed the double support of faith and consolation. St. Paul opens the fountain of life in excellence of doctrine, in fellowship of the Spirit, and comfort of love, awaiting the coming of the Lord, which is here divided into two distinct periods of time.

First, his advent to punish the jews, who pursued the church with malice, as they had pursued the Lord of glory, till they nailed him to the cross. The second period refers to his coming to destroy the Man of Sin; that wicked one, who should rise out of the earth, like the beasts which leave their lairs in the night, as the Roman empire should decline.

Thus by the Spirit of prophecy the sacred writer uplifts the curtain of futurity, and leaves the sunshine of victory, and the crown brilliant on the new Zion, in which the Lord had chosen to dwell.